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Surface Density gives MDF Strength
14 July, 2017
MDF may at first glance look uniform; but the hot-pressing process imparts layers of differing density. Dr. Mark Irle explains why this is so advantageous.
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Better blender for plywood adhesives 14 July, 2017 Mixing of powders for plywood adhesives seems simple, but Uniformity in the final mix is all-important. A major producer of materials for plywood adhesives has found a new rotary batch mixer delivers significant improvements.
Hexion: Of Molecules and Men 14 July, 2017 Two main components go into wood based panels. One is wood; the other is the binder: the resins and adhesives that hold the wood together. That is the component which has by far the most potential for technological improvement to give new and customer-desired properties to the end panel. Hexion, based in Columbus, Ohio, is the world’s largest resin supplier to the industry. Julian Champkin talked to Joseph "Jody" Bevilaqua, Chief Operating officer and Mark Alness, senior vice president of Hexion’s Americas Forest Products. He found people who are inspired about wood and who want to share their inspiration.
Russia: Progress and Problems 14 July, 2017 Russia is recovering and panel making there offers good openings for investors. But it can be a bumpy ride. Eugene Gerden investigates.
Lively Ligna best for years 12 July, 2017 The Biennial Ligna 2017 took place in Hannover in May. The biggest trade fair-ground in the world hosted the most important gathering of panel machinery makers and users and demonstrated that the industry is recovering from its doldrums and is on the way up. Julian Champkin was there
Design solutions for top London restaurants 12 July, 2017 A global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design, the Spanish Cosentino Group has been selected to provide design solutions for professional kitchens and restaurants worldwide
Shipping Chips to Turkey 06 July, 2017 Turkey, as we have seen in the previous article, is unique in that much of the raw material for its huge and successful MDF industry comes from overseas. Specialist shipping brokers Arc Chartering is the leader in the transport of this material. Travis Meadows, CEO of Arc, explains the logic and the logistics of transporting wood chips around the world
Turkey now takes the lead in Europe 06 July, 2017 The Turkish panel industry shares many of the same problems, and the same opportunities, as countries worldwide. It has responded to them in an extraordinary way. It has become, in a remarkably short time, the leading manufacturer of MDF in Europe, despite its need for raw material exceeding its supply. What is Turkey doing that is so right and so different? Naci Güngör, of Turkey’s leading producer Kastamonu Entegre, highlights the factors which have led to Turkey's success
Turkey and Mexico continue to lead 05 July, 2017 In this, the first part of our annual survey of the global MDF producing industry, independent consultant Geoff Rhodes looks at the MDF mills in Europe and North America and their capacities in 2016 and at the prospects for the industry in 2017 and beyond.
Sunds in kuster Chain improvements 19 May, 2017 Sunds Fibertech is strengthening its off ering to MDF and wet-process hardboard lines by launching improved chains for Kuster presses. By this addition Sunds Fibertech becomes a complete service and spare part provider to Kuster presses worldwide.
Dieffenbacher: very much a family undertaking 19 May, 2017 Dieffenbacher is world renowned as a maker of press systems and complete production lines for the wood based panel industry. It is family owned; last year Christian Dieffenbacher became the latest family member to join.Wood Based Panels International talked to him about the challenges and the responsibilities, and gained insights into the family business
What’s so tough about formaldehyde-free? 19 May, 2017 No Added Formaldehyde, or NAF, has been hard for manufacturers to achieve without penalising productivity or quality. Bio-engineering at last offers a practical solution. Jeff MacDonald, chief executive officer of EcoSynthetix, explains how DuraBind is a binder whose time has come
Closing the loop 17 May, 2017 Technology that recovers the fibre from waste MDF could enhance manufacturers’ rawmaterial supply – and the panel product’s environmental credentials. Keren Fallwell reports

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