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Latest Wood Feature

So long and thanks for all the chips!
03 May, 2018
In his final column, Dr Mark Irle looks back on nearly 18 years of writing for WBPI.
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Sharp Practice 03 May, 2018 Globus’s new Sharpening Room is a single set-up that handles the whole sharpening process – a development that managing director Fabio Paron describes as revolutionary. He talks to Julian Champkin
Kelzenberg scores a century 03 May, 2018 Kelzenberg’s centenary is a testament to the company’s ability to evolve. Keren Fallwell reports
Siempelkamp in India 03 May, 2018 Two new MDF plants will boost India’s production capacity
Digital Design 03 May, 2018 Digital fabrication is enabling wood based panels to create complex shapes. Stephen Powney reports
Smart moves 02 May, 2018 The digital revolution means panel processing machinery manufacturers are providing more than just machines
It's all there in the names 02 May, 2018 Homag has introduced a group-wide identity for all its machines
Momentum builds in North America 02 May, 2018 North America is finally shrugging off the long grasp of the global financial crisis as idled mills are brought back to life. Keren Fallwell reports.
Production capacity continues to grow 02 May, 2018 New mills are coming into production as economic and construction growth continues. Keren Fallwell reports
Kingfisher fights for protection 30 March, 2018 Recycled wood puts greater strain on equipment and machinery. Kingfisher Industrial, manufacturers of wear resistant process plant and equipment, identified this problem back in 1990. Julian Champkin spoke with MD John Connolly.
Panels to the moon 30 March, 2018 Dr Mark Irle marvels at the vast quantities of wood based panels that are produced each year but sees room for growth
The biggest plywood panels in the world 30 March, 2018 The Mass Plywood Panel is about to hit the market – and it is indeed massive. The MPP, developed and produced by Freres Lumber of Oregon, is composed of up to 216 layers of veneer and is claimed to be the biggest plywood panel ever made. WBPI spoke to Tyler Freres about the new panel
A mirror on modern day living 30 March, 2018 With state-of-the-art printing technology coupled with design and marketing expertise Interprint maintains an enviable position with creating decors reflecting the changing world of modern living.