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Plywood at the V & A
13 October, 2017
London’s Victoria & Albert museum is staging an exhibition about plywood and the contribution that it has made to design and modern living. Julian Champkin visited
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Greeks with Gifts: 40 Years of Chimar 13 October, 2017 More than 10% of panels worldwide are produced using resin technology from Chimar Hellas; but offering services and intangible products often poses a greater challenge than selling a tangible product. Chimar claims to give reassurance to plant and R&D managers, as well as to shareholders. This year the company celebrates its 40th anniversary. WBPI looks at the past, the present and the future of the
It’s not heavy 13 October, 2017 A new design of lightweight panel offers the advantages of continuous production with applications that could make it a substitute for OSB. Julian Champkin looks at panel which seems to weigh in just right.
Achim Hübener: Down the Line to Success 13 October, 2017 Down-line processing is ever more important. Kleiberit are World leaders in the surfacing and finishing processes that add value to boards. We spoke to Dr Achim Hübener, CEO of Kleiberit, about the technology that produces hard yet decorative and easily installable panels
The ideal choice for both architects and homeowners 13 October, 2017 The iconic Formica brand is over 100 years old. From selling Formica laminate as a substitute to replace mica in electrical insulations, the Formica Group is, today, a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide
Today, South America. Tomorrow the world? 12 October, 2017 Chile-based industrial giant Masisa is disposing of its panel factories in Latin America. Austria-based company Egger is buying Masisa’s Argentine plant. Egger is a newcomer to production in Latin America - indeed, to production outside Europe at all. We spoke to Ulrich Bühler, CSO of the Egger Group about the strategy behind the acquisition.
IBA unites Brazil’s forest industries 12 October, 2017 Brazil is the largest as well as the most forested country in Latin America. The Brazilian Industry of Planted Trees (IBA) is the association in charge of representing institutionally the plantation forest industry. Formed only in 2014, as the Brazilian equivalent of the EPF in Europe or the CPA in North America, 55 industries and 9 state entities are members. Here Elizabete Carvalhaes, CEO of IBA, outlines the work and achievements of the association, with statistics showing the scale of the Brazilian forest industry.
New entrant Asperbras aims high 12 October, 2017 A new MDF mill in Mato Grosso marks the beginning of an aspiring Brazilian producer. Our Latin America correspondent Paulo Cesar Amanthéa reports
Latin America leaps forward 12 October, 2017 New mills, new entrants, new associations… The panels industry in South America is forging ahead with a vibrancy that leaves its northern neighbour behind. In this special Focus on Latin America we look at the mills being constructed, the changes of ownership, and the organisations that have sprung up in the region. Our grateful thanks are due to our Latin America correspondent Paulo Cesar Amanthéa for preparing these reports
Two new mills break stagnation 12 October, 2017 This is the first edition of our two-part survey in which we list all the particleboard mills operating in Europe and North America as at the end of 2016. Part 2, listing mills in the rest of the world, will appear in the next issue.
EPF meeting pushes circular economy 29 August, 2017 The European Panel Federation’s Annual General Meeting emphasised the role of wood in thecircular economy, and that subsdising the burning of biomass for energy is a costly mistake bothenvironmentally and in terms of distortion of markets. Julian Champkin was there
Squaring the circle: samiron mondal 29 August, 2017 Siempelkamp, the German manufacturer, has set up two plants in China. It can produce machinery cheaply there – but can it maintain its good name for quality? Samiron Mondal is Siempelkamp’s man in China. WBPI spoke to him. Can he really produce German quality at Chinese prices?
Imeas, Special Sanding Solutions 29 August, 2017 Sander manufacturer Imeas of Villa Cortese, 30km west of Milan, has just celebrated its 50thanniversary and is looking forward to introducing new models and expanding its presence intoniche segments

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