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September 2015


Size matters
01 September 2015 Commercial hot presses are very large compared with typical laboratory-scale ones. It would be nice to have a big press in the laboratory, but then I would need a big forming station, a larger blender and so on.

Calibrating the finish
01 September 2015 Sanding technology manufacturer Imeas has a long history in sanding panels and in grinding stainless steel, for instance for continous press belts. Stephen Powney dropped into its Villa Cortese factory near Milan to see the latest innovations.

Cleaning the raw material
01 September 2015 Technology for cleaning recycled wood and virgin fibre can help panel producers to optimise their production and reduce costs. Stephen Powney reports from Instalmec.

New lease of life
01 September 2015 Impregnation machine manufacturer Tocchio has redesigned its machines to be more efficient and cost-effective. Stephen Powney reports from the company’s Vigevano base near Milan.

Onwards and upwards
01 September 2015 Imal-Pal was the next stop for our Focus on Italy trip, with the company having just celebrated its 45th anniversary. Stephen Powney reports.

August 2015


A market leader in design
13 August 2015 Sesa has been working hard from its base near Milan to stay ahead in the design trends for interior decor panels, as Stephen Powney reports.

A Show of strength
13 August 2015 Ligna is always the international event in terms of panel industry technology showcases and this year’s exhibition did not disappoint. Stephen Powney sums up Ligna 2015 Hannover and highlights some of the news from the show.

Capacity set to top 100 million cubic metres!
13 August 2015 In this second part of our annual survey of the worldwide MDF industry, covering the countries outside Europe and North America, independent specialist consultant Geoff Rhodes summarises the position for this panel in the ‘rest of the world’ and looks at the current and future situation for the global industry as a whole.

Paged Group plans to expand plywood plant
05 August 2015 Polish industrial conglomerate Paged Group has unveiled plans to expand its plywood production facility in Morag, in Poland’s northern Pomerania region. Our Polish correspondent, Jaroslaw Adamowski, reports

Plywood fights back
05 August 2015 The plywood manufacturing industry has shown resilience to fight back against market challenges of recent years, US expert Dick Baldwin told traders in London recently. Stephen Powney reports

Wood waste trade: A European perspective
05 August 2015 Wood waste is a commodity of choice in a number of bioenergy and energy-from-waste plants and is also targeted by panel producers as raw material. This is particularly true in Europe and signifi cant volumes of wood waste are shipped from one country to another. Lauma Kazuša, of Pöyry Management Consulting reports

First OSB for containers
05 August 2015 In April 2015, Kangxin in China produced the world‘s first OSB panel for container floors, on a Dieffenbacher press. Following a long period of development, says the company, a product was developed in its laboratories that can be used as a more economical alternative to conventional plywood container flooring

July 2015


A question of age
15 July 2015

Global energy supply
15 July 2015 Vyncke NV says it had a good year in 2014, supplying its energy systems to over 40 customers worldwide, 10 of which were in the wood based panel sector, while there is also increasing interest from pellet producers around the world

Besgrade 'pioneers' OSB
15 July 2015 An OSB system with around 150,000m3 annual capacity is being built at Pioneer OSB in Malaysia. The raw material is crooked, and therefore cheap, rubber tree trunk wood. This required a new approach to making suitable strands, which Dieffenbacher has developed

Ligna makes its mark
15 July 2015 We bring you the initial show news from Ligna 2015 at Hannover. Stephen Powney reports

The significant global rise of decorative laminates
15 July 2015 World demand for decorative laminates will reach 10.7 billion m2 in 2018. These and other trends are presented in World Decorative Laminates, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry market research company

June 2015


Rethinking fibreboards
16 June 2015 Our regular correspondent, Dr Mark Irle, describes some research carried out by his students at Ecole Supérieur du Bois, Nantes, France, to determine the effect of using paper-making technologies in fibreboard production

May 2015


A new use for old MDF
14 May 2015 MDF has been manufactured commercially since the 1970s and is a great commercial success.

The China question
14 May 2015 China has grown rapidly from being one of the world’s largest importers of plywood to one of the largest exporters, bringing recognised sourcing problems for the UK plywood industry. Keren Fallwell reports.

Demand driven
14 May 2015 The demand for particleboard in the UK is good and this has an impact on continental European markets as the UK pulls in more imports to feed demand. It also has an effect on the market for OSB in applications where the two panel types are interchangeable. Keren Fallwell reports.