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December 2016


08 December 2016 Pre-pressing compresses the raw mattress of a panel before it enters the main hot press. Dr Mark Irle explains the benefits

Confidence grows in stronger future
08 December 2016 The European Panel Federation held its 10th biennial Symposium from October 5-7. Julian Champkin was there.

Energy saving and wear reduction
08 December 2016 An overlooked property of lubricating oils is the residue that they leave under evaporation. A new family of high-temperature oils for the wood panels industry tackles the problem. Anton Kulikov, sales development manager at Klüber Lubrication, explains

A New, Lightweight OSB-type Board
08 December 2016 A new lightweight wood based panel has been developed by a major European co-operative effort. It is called I-PAN. IMAL, the Italian headquartered specialists in wood based panel machinery, were the project co-ordinators. Here they explain the concept, the development, and the results

Jörg Kaufmann: Belting it out
08 December 2016 Jörg Kaufmann is global product manager at Sandvik Surface Solutions, in charge of belts for continuous presses. WBPI asked him about issues and prospects for Sandvik and other German-based players in the industry.

Schelling cuts straight to industry 4.0
06 December 2016 Schelling is the worldwide leader in cut-to-size machines and plants for wood panels

Steinemann: Quality and Support come first
06 December 2016 Steinemann is based in Switzerland, where manufacturing is expensive but where quality more than outweighs the capital costs

Binos: Solutions whose time has come
06 December 2016 Binos, long ahead of its time, has solutions that the market may now appreciate

GreCon builds on history
06 December 2016 A cutting-edge company in a historic factory has a tradition of innovation

Dieffenbacher - 3D feeding of Knife ring flakers
06 December 2016 B Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH, part of the Dieffenbacher Group, introduces an innovation for optimising flake preparation for particleboard production

Germany: A tradition of excellence
06 December 2016 In the engineering world, Germany has an unrivalled reputation. In making machinery for the wood based panel industry, the same is true. German and German-speaking countries are strong contributors. Julian Champkin visited Germany, Austria and Switzerland to discover how they do it

After little change, capacities on the up
06 December 2016 In Part Two of our survey of particleboard capacity worldwide we report on mills and capacities in the world outside Europe and North America; and on plans for expansion and development.

October 2016


26 October 2016 The market demands low density panels – but density affects mechanical strength. Manufacturers must therefore keep tight control over their process lines. Dr Mark Irle gives guidance.

An OSB plant in Vologda
26 October 2016 Russia has vast forest reserves, yet until recently has been an importer of wood based panels. That may be about to change. Eugene Gerden reports on plans for three new plants

Wood at the circle’s centre
26 October 2016 The European Panel Federation (EPF) held its annual general assembly in Venice, Italy, this year and Mike Botting joined the delegates to hear about the ‘circular economy’ in relation to the panel products industry

IWF Report, Atlanta 2016
26 October 2016 North American business is booming. The 2016 International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, Georgia, is the major show for panel manufacturers and this year was a roaring success. Julian Champkin was there and teases out common themes.

A panacea for worktop surfaces
26 October 2016 The ultimate ambition of the Spanish Cosentino Group is to be the global leader in the surfaces market so offering innovative architectural solutions and inspiration to its clients’ lives.

Interview: Gustavo Borges: Brazil on the up
25 October 2016 Gustavo Cruvinel Borges is business intelligence and export manager at Duratex. WBPI asked him about the company’s plans and the state of the Latin American market.

Berneck: New Plant in Curitibanos
25 October 2016 Berneck, headquartered in Araucária in the Brazilian state of Paraná, has 63,000ha of pine and teak forest producing 1.2 million m3 of wood based products annually. It has recently completed a new panel plant at Curitibanos, in Santa Caterina state, Brazil, claimed as a record installation

Masisa: Waste Not, Want Not; Invest, Educate And Grow
25 October 2016 Chilean-based Masisa is a leading producer and marketer of wood panels for furniture and interior architecture. A new MDF line in Mexico, and working to teach its future market, will allow the company to continue to grow.

Guarapes – Innovation and Growth
25 October 2016 Guararapes, based in Curitiba in Paraná state, Brazil, is a Latin American must-watch company. It maintains its traditional production of MDF and plywood panels and shows the resilience and intelligence to develop businesses, even during the crisis