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March 2018


Artistic Differences
30 March 2018 Panel processors are coming up with ever more innovative ideas to enhance the structural and decorative properties of wood based boards. Added value is the key, reports Robin Meade

‘Mr Birch’ Notches 60 Years Of Trading
30 March 2018 Derek Fletcher has seen more than most people in the UK timber trade. Celebrating 60 years in the industry this year he remains irrepressible and was recently honoured in Latvia for his long association with the birch plywood industy. Stephen Powney reports

Kingfisher fights for protection
30 March 2018 Recycled wood puts greater strain on equipment and machinery. Kingfisher Industrial, manufacturers of wear resistant process plant and equipment, identified this problem back in 1990. Julian Champkin spoke with MD John Connolly.

Panels to the moon
30 March 2018 Dr Mark Irle marvels at the vast quantities of wood based panels that are produced each year but sees room for growth

A mirror on modern day living
30 March 2018 With state-of-the-art printing technology coupled with design and marketing expertise Interprint maintains an enviable position with creating decors reflecting the changing world of modern living.

The biggest plywood panels in the world
30 March 2018 The Mass Plywood Panel is about to hit the market – and it is indeed massive. The MPP, developed and produced by Freres Lumber of Oregon, is composed of up to 216 layers of veneer and is claimed to be the biggest plywood panel ever made. WBPI spoke to Tyler Freres about the new panel

Kastamonu expands In Russia
28 March 2018 Turkish giant Kastamonu is already the largest producer of MDF in Russia. It does not intend to rest on its laurels, says WBPI correspondent Eugene Gerden

Wood foam – a product on the rise?
28 March 2018 You wait ages for a fundamentally new wood based product to appear; then two come along at once.

VOCs, a Volatile Issue
28 March 2018 What does reducing VOCs mean for the panels industry? Simon Corbey of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products and Ceri Loxton of the BioComposites Centre, Bangor University combine their expertise to explain an issue that will grow in importance.

December 2017


The poplar choice
29 December 2017 Spanish poplar plywood producer Garnica has an ambitious growth and product innovation programme. Stephen Powney visited its mills in northern Spain

IPPS Meeting: VOCS and new panels
26 December 2017 The International Panel Products Symposium was held from October 4-6 at its now-traditional venue of Llandudno, north Wales, UK. It again brought together delegates from academia and industry to explore developments in wood technology to mutual gain. Julian Champkin was there

Richard Franklin: Cool about Hot Oil
26 December 2017 Thermal oil is essential to the pressing process. Specialist company Thermal Oil Solutions is opening a new subsidiary in North America. Increased demand for its services from US panel makers has prompted the move. Richard Franklin, MD of the company, spoke to Julian Champkin

Oil Palm Wood – An Untapped Resource
26 December 2017 The much-maligned oil palm plantations in Asia may provide a major source of wood raw material in the years to come if the PalmwoodNet project succeeds in its mission to make the species a commercially usable timber. Stephen Powney reports

Focus on Europe
26 December 2017 WBPI makes an annual tour to present our Focus on Germany report. This year we also visited Germany's neighbouring countries of Belgium, Austria and Switzerland to bring news of the major companies there that serve the panel industry. We begin, though, as ever, with Germany.

Particleboard Growth goes Global
26 December 2017 In Part two of our survey of particleboard capacity worldwide we report on mills and capacities in the world outside Europe and North America; and on plans for expansion and development.

October 2017


Plywood at the V & A
13 October 2017 London’s Victoria & Albert museum is staging an exhibition about plywood and the contribution that it has made to design and modern living. Julian Champkin visited

Greeks with Gifts: 40 Years of Chimar
13 October 2017 More than 10% of panels worldwide are produced using resin technology from Chimar Hellas; but offering services and intangible products often poses a greater challenge than selling a tangible product. Chimar claims to give reassurance to plant and R&D managers, as well as to shareholders. This year the company celebrates its 40th anniversary. WBPI looks at the past, the present and the future of the

It’s not heavy
13 October 2017 A new design of lightweight panel offers the advantages of continuous production with applications that could make it a substitute for OSB. Julian Champkin looks at panel which seems to weigh in just right.

Achim Hübener: Down the Line to Success
13 October 2017 Down-line processing is ever more important. Kleiberit are World leaders in the surfacing and finishing processes that add value to boards. We spoke to Dr Achim Hübener, CEO of Kleiberit, about the technology that produces hard yet decorative and easily installable panels

The ideal choice for both architects and homeowners
13 October 2017 The iconic Formica brand is over 100 years old. From selling Formica laminate as a substitute to replace mica in electrical insulations, the Formica Group is, today, a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide

Today, South America. Tomorrow the world?
12 October 2017 Chile-based industrial giant Masisa is disposing of its panel factories in Latin America. Austria-based company Egger is buying Masisa’s Argentine plant. Egger is a newcomer to production in Latin America - indeed, to production outside Europe at all. We spoke to Ulrich Bühler, CSO of the Egger Group about the strategy behind the acquisition.