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January 2015


In the zone
28 January 2015 The manufacture of plywood requires large sheets of veneer. A typical panel is 2.44 x 1.22m (8 x 4ft), with the face veneer grain direction parallel to the longest edge of the panel. Such a structure requires veneers that are cut from logs, or more correctly bolts, that are more than 2.44m long for the faces and 1.22m long for the inner cross veneers.

No big bang
27 January 2015 Explosion hazards in wood handling facilities are often underestimated, says Dr-Ing Johannes Lottermann of Rembe GmbH Safety + Control.

Ideas for innovation
27 January 2015 Representatives of the global wood panel industry converged on Hannover to hear market reports and technical papers on research and innovation. Stephen Powney was there to bring this report.

Close to nature
27 January 2015 Press plate and press pad manufacturer Hueck Rheinische has been busy developing new products.

Furniture moves to MDF
27 January 2015 Mexico’s furniture manufacturing sector is on the verge of a long awaited and overdue materials revolution which seems set to transform both its products and the industry itself. Richard Higgs reports.

A silver lining
27 January 2015 The 25th anniversary of the BioComposites Centre was celebrated with an International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS) Master Class and Gala Dinner, held at Bangor University, North Wales, in September. Mike Botting was there to bring this report.

December 2014


Taking the high line
17 December 2014 New technological developments for next year’s Ligna, and a foray into different market sectors, are just some of the news items from impregnation line manufacturer Vits Technology. Stephen Powney reports.

Pressing on globally
17 December 2014 The production halls of wood based panel plant manufacturer Siempelkamp have been busy of late thanks to good incoming order levels. Stephen Powney reports from Krefeld.

Binos bullish on future
16 December 2014 Binos' diversification into technology and engineering services for manufacturing cement bonded particleboard and agrifibre based panel products is giving the company a new lease of life. Stephen Powney reports from Springe, Germany.

Merging technologies
16 December 2014 Steel belt and press plate manufacturer Sandvik says its customers are aiming for growth by responding to the changing needs of the wood based panels market.

The sawn supremacy
16 December 2014 German panel sawing technology specialist Holzma has been developing new technologies to boost sawing efficiencies. Stephen Powney stopped off at its headquarters during WBPI’s Focus on Germany tour.

Growth set to slow
15 December 2014 This is our final survey, for 2014, of the world panel industry and covers mills operating at the end of 2013, outside Europe and North America. We also look at the markets and at new mills planned for 2014 and beyond.

November 2014


The story of knots
17 November 2014 The appearance of knots in sawn wood and veneer is caused by grain deviation to accommodate the wood found inside the branches of trees.

Life begins at 40
17 November 2014 Technology solutions for the forestry and woodworking industries will be on display in Moscow during the LesDrevMash exhibition. Stephen Powney reports. Russia’s premier exhibition for forestry and woodworking technology – LesDrevMash – is being held in Moscow during October at a time of growing regional uncertainty due to the Ukraine conflict.

LVL – make more with less
17 November 2014 Two new state-of-the art Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) mills of leading EU wood based product manufacturers (Pollmeier in Creuzburg, Germany and Steico in Czarna Woda, Poland) will arrive on the Engineered Wood Products (EWP) scene in Europe soon, both with a large part of their LVL production equipment engineered and manufactured by Raute. What convinced these two visionary companies to bet their 'chips' on LVL?

LVL moves to next level
17 November 2014 German hardwood sawmiller Pollmeier has invested in panel production equipment to help it manufacture what it calls the ultimate high strength wood product. Stephen Powney reports.

IWF signals better times
17 November 2014 An improving North American economy helped boost this year’s International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair (IWF) in Atlanta. Stephen Powney was there to bring this report.

Slowdown runs its course
17 November 2014 Our expert industry economist, Bernard Fuller, turns his experienced eye on South America and assesses how the economies, the markets and the producing industry in the major countries of the region might fair in the coming months and years.

Adding MDF
17 November 2014 Duraplay de Parral, an old-established Mexican panel producer with a name for customer service on both sides of the US border, has joined in the challenge to build Mexico’s first worldscale MDF plant, says Richard Higgs.

Masisa sparks MDF rush
17 November 2014 It has taken a major Chilean wood panel manufacturer to finally kick-start world-scale MDF production in the potentially huge, still largely unexploited, fibreboard market in Mexico. Richard Higgs visited Masisa México.

Growing experience
17 November 2014 Proteak group, a fresh name in Mexican wood panel manufacturing, is promising to break the established sector's mould, opening up a new plantation-fed mill in the south of Mexico, reports Richard Higgs.