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July 2014


Dreams or nightmares?
17 July 2014 Panel markets hit another rough patch in early 2014. The question is whether this was due to the severe winter weather in parts of North America, or to structural impediments to growth. Bernard Fuller, of Cambridge Forest Products Associates, sets out to answer this question

The Six Pack
17 July 2014 Following some market research among qualified contacts, decor printer Interprint, of Arnsberg in Germany, came up with six favourite decors to offer to the market for the 2014 season

An architect’s dream
17 July 2014 One of the many innovative products to be introduced by DuPont is the engineered solid surface, Corian, which is at the forefront of building science

Consolidate and optimise
17 July 2014 In this, the first part of our annual survey of the MDF producing industry worldwide, we look at the mills and their capacities in Europe and North America in 2013; and at the prospects for the industry in 2014 and beyond

June 2014


Flexibility in a digital age
04 June 2014 Heberndorfer Leistenfabrik GmbH has two Jupiter digital printing lines from Hymmen GmbH producing flooring decors which match the profiles that it also produces, but on an industrial scale, at speed, while maintaining flexibility.

Major players expanding
04 June 2014 Some of Latin America’s bigger wood panel makers have begun a challenging new year with a clutch of ambitious strategic plans, often including major capacity projects beyond their native shor es, reports our South America correspondent, Richard Higgs.

Kastamonu to launch first stage in Tatarstan
04 June 2014 Kastamonu Entegre, part of Hayat holdings, one of Turkey’s largest financial groups, plans on completing preparations for the launch of the first stage of its Russian woodworking factory in Tatarstan, Russia, officially scheduled for the second quarter of 2014, reports our Russian correspondent Eugene Gerden.

VOCs explained
04 June 2014 I have mentioned VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in several ar ticles for WBPI in the past, but I have never really explained what these are. I am sure that many readers will have an immediate and negative reflection about VOCs because of all the ‘bad press’ about such compounds. If one understands what VOCs are, it immediately becomes obvious that not all VOCs are dangerous.

The future of the panel industry in Europe
04 June 2014 The panel sector was hit hard by the financial crisis in 2008 and the drastic decline in demand between 2008 and 2012 left the industry facing a number of challenges. In this exclusive report, Cormac O’Carroll, Johan Carlsson and Ania Krolak of Pöyry probe the future for the industry.

Seeing better times
04 June 2014 The future is looking good for OSB according to Norbord, the third largest manufacturer of the product in the world. This is a story first published in WBPI’s sister magazine, Timber Trades Journal (TTJ).

May 2014


Look east for the future
15 May 2014 This year’s survey, of existing capacities in 2013, and future planned capacity, shows some interesting trends. Western Europe at last has two new mills planned (one definite), but eastern Europe is forging ahead in total volume to a very big lead by 2017. Mike Botting summarises his findings.

Cranking up the action
15 May 2014 With the US housing market recovery standing on more solid ground during the second part of 2013, the major producers have cranked up the action in this past year, with several long-curtailed mills now ramping up production, and one important merger nearing completion.

March 2014


Surface tension
06 March 2014 Persevere with this article on how adhesive properties affect glue/wood bonds: the reason for the definitions at the start will become clear by the end (I hope!).

APA and EWTA gather for annual meeting
06 March 2014 Nearly 400 APA members, Engineered Wood Technology Association (EWTA) members, staff, and spouses gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, California for the 2013 APA Annual Meeting last November. Marilyn Thomson of the APA sent this report.

Metal, leather, wood – the choice is yours
06 March 2014 Speciality laminates emulating natural materials for any surface are offered by Homapal GmbH, which says it has a worldwide distribution network ensuring good service and information and excellent stock levels. Derek Steel reports.

Production and usage still growing in China
06 March 2014 Bernard Fuller of Cambridge Forest Products Associates (CFPA) brings his exclusive annual report for WBPI on China’s economy in the past year and says new records will be set in production and consumption, even as growth slows.

Russia grows
06 March 2014 Swiss Krono Group plans to invest up to RUB8.5bn (USD$250m) in building a plant for the production of OSB in Russia’s Perm region during the coming years, reports our Russia correspondent, Eugene Gerden.

A silver celebration
05 March 2014 The BioComposites Centre is celebrating 25 years in business. During that time it has offered wideranging consultancy and research services to the wood products industry, as well as organising the International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS). Mike Botting interviewed the Centre’s director, Rob Elias.

The characterisation of TMP fibres in MDF
05 March 2014 Scientists at the Thünen Institute in Hamburg, Germany, have been working with GreCon of Alfeld to develop an inline system for the characterisation of TMP fibres in MDF; and an offline fibre analysis system. Jan Benthien of the Thünen Institute describes the system.

Impressive growth curve
05 March 2014 Arauco, South America’s largest forest products company, has an impressive growth curve based on sustainable production. In order to gain a presence in Brazil, it acquired two panel plants, one of which was in Jaguariaíva and when that plant got approval for a second line, Andritz of Austria won the contract for some wood preparation and the refiner.

February 2014


Meaningful innovation
28 February 2014 Ashland is a globally operating supplier of speciality chemicals to a range of diverse industries. For the panel industry, it offers formaldehydefree adhesive technology with its trademarked Soyad adhesives.