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October 2016


Interview: Gustavo Borges: Brazil on the up
25 October 2016 Gustavo Cruvinel Borges is business intelligence and export manager at Duratex. WBPI asked him about the company’s plans and the state of the Latin American market.

Berneck: New Plant in Curitibanos
25 October 2016 Berneck, headquartered in Araucária in the Brazilian state of Paraná, has 63,000ha of pine and teak forest producing 1.2 million m3 of wood based products annually. It has recently completed a new panel plant at Curitibanos, in Santa Caterina state, Brazil, claimed as a record installation

Masisa: Waste Not, Want Not; Invest, Educate And Grow
25 October 2016 Chilean-based Masisa is a leading producer and marketer of wood panels for furniture and interior architecture. A new MDF line in Mexico, and working to teach its future market, will allow the company to continue to grow.

Guarapes – Innovation and Growth
25 October 2016 Guararapes, based in Curitiba in Paraná state, Brazil, is a Latin American must-watch company. It maintains its traditional production of MDF and plywood panels and shows the resilience and intelligence to develop businesses, even during the crisis

Latin America - Ready to roll?
25 October 2016 Latin America has huge reserves of sustainable timber, and a large panel industry of great potential. But economic crises and political problems have hit the different countries of the continent, and in different ways, and investments have been put on hold. In this Focus on Latin America we ask: is the sleeping giant now ready to awaken?

Capacity set to break milestone
24 October 2016 This is the first edition of our two-part survey in which we list all the particleboard mills operating in Europe and North America as at the end of 2015. We also look at some ownership changes and projected capacities for the industry in the future.

August 2016


Panels for health
17 August 2016 Articles in the general press on wood based panels (WBP) often tend to be rather negative and present our products in a poor light. Commentaries on things like formaldehyde and VOC emissions, dust and noise from factories inevitably put the industry into a defensive stance. One reason for this is the links these issues have with social wellbeing.

The art of the possible
17 August 2016 Acetylation is a chemical treatment that can transform the performance of timber and timber products. Paul Clegg, CEO of chemically-modified timber producer Accsys Technologies, explains how the work ethic instilled during his time in the City of London helped him turn around the company’s fortunes – and why he wants to live forever. Sally Spencer reports

Good contacts
17 August 2016 The biennial Xylexpo exhibition in Milan generated mixed reviews from exhibitors in the panel-related sector. None reported being busy, but most said they had met some interesting contacts from around the world. Mike Botting was there to bring this report

Italian job
17 August 2016 Italy, and northern Italy in particular, has long been known for engineering expertise and has a concentration of world-class makers of wood panel machinery. Julian Champkin visited companies there and and found these always-strong exporters are reporting signs of domestic recovery as well

Global capacity exceeds 100 million
17 August 2016 In this second part of our annual survey of the industry worldwide, independent industry consultant Geoff Rhodes looks at new developments and summarises the current and future global position for MDF in countries outside Europe and North America

July 2016


A boost to plywood in Estonia
14 July 2016 Latvian plywood producer, Latvijas Finieris AS, has unveiled plans to expand the workforce and the output capacity of its production facility in Estonia. Our Poland correspondent, Jaroslaw Adamowski, reports.

Chinese to invest in Russian OSB plant
14 July 2016 In a currently uncertain Russian market, a new venture is planned to build both OSB and particleboard capacity. WBPI's Russian correspondent, Eugene Gerden, reports

The revised din en 12779
14 July 2016 There is a revised EN standard for the safety requirements of woodworking machines, concerning chip and dust extraction systems with fixed installation. In this article, the German machinery makers’ association, the VDMA, explains what is involved.

A unifying voice
13 July 2016 Jackson Morrill is the president of the Composite Panel Association in North America, overseeing an organisation which represents the vast majority of MDF and particleboard manufacturers on that continent. Mike Botting speaks to Mr Morrill about his role, the role of the CPA, and his aspirations for the association

Decor advice and the responsibility to customers
13 July 2016 The schattdecor group has been providing the leading companies in the wood and furniture industry with printed decor paper, finish foil and melamine for over 30 years. Here Claudia Küchen, head of design and marketing at schattdecor, outlines the strategies behind Decor Selection 2016.

Much more to learn
13 July 2016 I have discussed formaldehyde emissions from panel products many times, but I thought this topic deserved another airing (intentional pun!). This is because there are still some unanswered questions, to me at least, about the mechanisms of formaldehyde release

Turkey still leads investment thrust
13 July 2016 In the first part of our annual survey of the global MDF producing industry, independent industry consultant Geoff Rhodes looks at the mills and their capacities in Europe and North America in 2015 and at the prospects for the industry in 2016 and beyond.

May 2016


The streaming of SCM's innovation
16 May 2016 Streaming Innovation is an innovations project for SCM, with the goal of providing a concrete example of how digital production, which uses design software, extremely sophisticated technologies, and their ability to communicate with each other, can open new horizons.

The Speed factory
16 May 2016 The fundamentals of digital manufacturing: controlling the process, improving production efficiency, guaranteeing quality. These are the vital points needed in order to work successfully in the era of the 4.0 revolution which Biesse says it guarantees, thanks to Biesse Systems.

Printed and wrapped
16 May 2016 Technology and innovation in furniture, doors, windows, panels, parquet, profiles and packaging industries. These, says Spanish headquartered machinery maker Barberán, are the results of its more than 85-year history in making machinery for finishing systems.