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January 2016


Bio-based building
07 January 2016 On the occasion of the IPPS conference in Llandudno (see report on previous pages), members of COST Action FP1303, bio-based building materials, were invited to present their work to date.

07 January 2016 Llandudno, an unspoilt seaside town on the beautiful North Wales coast in the UK, was once again the venue for the biennial International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS), which this year included a session on COST Action FP1303: Performance of bio-based building materials.

Where science meets art
07 January 2016 The Hueck group of companies can trace its origins back to 1938 in the production of brass and aluminium plates. Today it offers a complete design and manufacturing service, including chrome plating the plates inhouse at its works in Viersen, as Mike Botting discovered.

Forming the future
07 January 2016 2015 has been a better year than expected for complete line supplier Dieffenbacher of Eppingen. The company has new projects under way in several parts of the world and also had new products to discuss when Mike Botting visited its headquarters.

Making woodyards work
07 January 2016 After 45 years, the family business of Holtec continues to supply complete woodyards to a growing number of wood product makers, from sawmills to panel mills, from its two German factories. Mike Botting visited the company’s HQ in Hellenthal.

It can be smart to scan
07 January 2016 Human beings are very visual animals. What I mean is that we seem to be able to understand something better when we see it rather than having it described to us. Certainly the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true for me.

At the heart of the press
05 January 2016 Kelzenberg in Düren specialises in the manufacture of the drums and rolls which are at the heart of every type of continuous press, from calender to today’s sophisticated continuous presses, all based on a long history of specialist engineering skills and a long-standing connection with the paper industry.

Rolling out Generation 8
05 January 2016 Sales of Siempelkamp Maschinen und Anlagenbau’s Generation 8 ContiRoll continuous press continue to increase and the company had that, and several new developments, to discuss when Mike Botting visited its Krefeld headquarters.

Rapid growth continues
05 January 2016 This is the second instalment of our world survey of the particleboard industry, covering the production lines operating as at the end of 2014 in countries outside Europe and North America. Mike Botting looks at planned new capacity in "the rest of the world" and analyses the market trends in 2014, 2015 and beyond.

November 2015


New ways to recycle
13 November 2015 The wood recycling sector is still relatively young so its collection and processing are still maturing.

PROteak starts up first line
13 November 2015 PROteak is a newcomer to panel production but has started strongly, with a Dieffenbacher continuous press line currently under installation in Tabasco state, Mexico. We report on this exciting new project as it takes shape.

CPS press is reborn
10 November 2015 After 25 years of making its CPS continuous press system, plant manufacturer Dieffenbacher says it has brought a completely reworked version to the market, unveiling the new CPS+ to the public at LIGNA 2015 last May.

Ikea to expand in Poland
10 November 2015 Sweden’s IKEA Industry has launched a project to expand its HDF plant in Babimost, in Poland’s southwestern region of Lubuskie. This investment will enable the manufacturer to increase the capacity of its plant. Our Poland correspondent, Jaroslaw Adamowski, reports.

More OSB plants for Russia in coming years
10 November 2015 Two plants for the production of OSB may be commissioned in the Russian Perm Krai region during the next several years, according to Viktor Basargin, the governor of the Krai region. Eugene Gerden reports from Russia.

Producers struggling
09 November 2015 Bernard Fuller of Cambridge Forest Products Associates says the Latin American countries are far from immune to the ills afflicting the global economy. Economic performance is generally disappointing in the region and the outlook doesn't hold a lot of promise.

From machine factory to Anthon 4.0
03 November 2015 German sawing system manufacturer Anthon, of Flensburg, is celebrating 150 years in business in 2015. We look at where the company has come from and where it is headed.

Compulsory E1 in Europe – a defence
03 November 2015 Mr Clive Pinnington, the new, and first, managing director of the European Panel Federation, finds that not all publicity is good publicity – especially when it comes via a TV news programme that promoted alarmist views on emissions from wood products.

Trend Forum for the Spanish market
03 November 2015 In the framework of a Trend Forum at its headquarters in Thansau, decor printer Schattdecor developed the trend themes for the Iberian market for 2015/16 by working with renowned designers and architects from Spain.

Where ‘surface deep’ has a whole new meaning
03 November 2015 Tristone UK offers practical alternatives to solid stone surfaces while maintaining a consistently high quality bespoke finish.

New capacity in both regions
03 November 2015 This is the first edition of this two-part survey, in which we list all the particleboard mills operating in Europe and North America as at the end of 2014. We also look at the markets, and the prospects, for the industry in the future.

September 2015


Size matters
01 September 2015 Commercial hot presses are very large compared with typical laboratory-scale ones. It would be nice to have a big press in the laboratory, but then I would need a big forming station, a larger blender and so on.