Wood Based Panels


Pfleiderer Invests in Kleiberit large-scale lacquering line
27 April, 2017 The innovative HotCoating technology from Kleiberit has scored another success in the international market for the surface finishing of wood based panels.
  • Chinese hardwood plywood hit with 111% duties
    The US Department of Commerce has made a preliminary finding of subsidies in imports of hardwood plywood products from China and will impose countervailing duties ranging from 9.89 to 111.09%.
  • Teknos industrial coatings producer to acquire Feyco Treffert
    Teknos, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, which produces industrial coatings in eight countries, has entered into an agreement with Looser Holding AG, an industrial holding company recently acquired by Arbonia AG, to acquire its global wood coatings division, Feyco Treffert, operating in Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, China, the USA and Liechtenstein. The parties have agreed that the value of the transaction will remain undisclosed.
  • Graham Holdings and Hoover Treated Wood Products
    Graham Holdings Company has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Hoover Treated Wood Products Inc, a Thomson, Georgia-based supplier of pressure impregnated kiln-dried lumber and plywood products for fire retardant and preservative applications.
  • Funding for first chip plant in Hull, UK
    Modified wood producer Accsys Technologies has secured €68m funding to build, operate and finance the world’s first Tricoya modified wood chip manufacturing plant in Hull, UK. Accsys also has additional funding to expand the plant in Arnhem, Netherlands to bring Accoya modified wood annual production capacity up to 60,000m3 in a project costing €22m.


08 December, 2016 Pre-pressing compresses the raw mattress of a panel before it enters the main hot press. Dr Mark Irle explains the benefits
  • Energy saving and wear reduction
    An overlooked property of lubricating oils is the residue that they leave under evaporation. A new family of high-temperature oils for the wood panels industry tackles the problem. Anton Kulikov, sales development manager at Klüber Lubrication, explains
  • A New, Lightweight OSB-type Board
    A new lightweight wood based panel has been developed by a major European co-operative effort. It is called I-PAN. IMAL, the Italian headquartered specialists in wood based panel machinery, were the project co-ordinators. Here they explain the concept, the development, and the results
  • Jörg Kaufmann: Belting it out
    Jörg Kaufmann is global product manager at Sandvik Surface Solutions, in charge of belts for continuous presses. WBPI asked him about issues and prospects for Sandvik and other German-based players in the industry.


WBPI -- the voice of the global panel industry
13 July, 2016 Sadly for me, this is the last issue of WBPI for which I will be fully responsible.
  • Year of progress to be followed by year of cautious optimism
    So, we have come to the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, in the same issue of WBPI! The year 2015 was obviously over-shadowed by the ongoing economic problems of the Eurozone. Meanwhile, the United States continued its slow climb out of recession; and a resultant increase in the activity of the housing market. Unfortunately, this rebound was not as strong, or as smooth, as many predicted but at least it has continued to move in the right direction.
  • Difficult economic times but particleboard keeps on growing
    Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much improvement in the global economy since my last column in the August/September 2015 issue of WBPI. The economic problems facing much of Europe, South America and China have certainly not gone away and show little signs of improvement in the short-term.