Today on Wood Based Panels


European imports of plywood from China edge 7% higher
30 October, 2014 The decline in EU plywood imports from China recorded last year has been reversed in the first half of 2014, according to IHB, the timber network.
  • Dürr AG acquires Homag for €228m
    Dürr has completed the majority acquisition of Homag Group AG, which had been announced on July 15, 2014. Dürr Technologies GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dürr AG, now holds 55.9% of Homag’s capital.
  • Wood pellet plant for Guyana; production to be shipped to Europe
    Pinnacle Green Resources Ltd (Guyana) plans to begin cultivation of an energy plantation on 5,000 acres of land in the Pomeroon Region 2, Guyana. Pinnacle, which has its headquarters in Singapore, is hoping to cultivate Leucaena leucocephala which is already present in Guyana and known as Jumbie Bean.


Superfici launches UV LED curing and 3D scanning for spraying
23 September, 2014 Italian finishing specialist Elmag-Superfici has new updates to its technology in response to market demand. Stephen Powney reports from the company’s base in Monza.
  • Stop-per & think!
    Cork is a fascinating material with quite amazing properties. We are all familiar with its uses as stoppers for wine bottles, flotation devices and insulating materials, but not many know where it comes from and why it has these superb characteristics.
  • Supplying process energy to the world
    Headquartered in Harelbeke in Flanders, Vyncke NV is a family-owned company which, from small beginnings 102 years ago, has grown into a truly global business. Mike Botting visited its new factory in the Czech Republic.
  • Strong force since 1848
    The Pagnoni company was established in 1848, even before the state of Italy, when it made presses for the food industry. Over 160 years on, Pagnoni is still family-run, and still making presses, although now they are for panels, as Mike Botting reports.
  • Global prospects for MDF and particleboard
    MDF and particleboard producers in Europe and China will, over the next five years, benefit from a strong recovery in demand, driven by a US housing recovery. In this exclusive report, Bernie Neufeld of BIS Shrapnel highlights key findings in the company's recent global study.


‘Woodbox’ and ‘toilet’ join the campaign trail
04 September, 2014 An important upcoming event was announced at the European Panel Federation’s (EPF) Annual meeting in Bruges in June. The federation, and its co-organisers EOS and CEI-Bois, need your cooperation and support for this event, if you are a European panel maker.
  • Maybe the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes...
    If you are a regular reader of this magazine, you may remember my 'bedtime story' in the first issue of this year (February/March 2014), concerning the tale of the Emperor's Clothes, which I applied to the vexed subject of climate change, formaldehyde emissions and so on.
  • OSB is growing fast, wherever you look
    Our first survey of production capacities in the global panel industry appears in this issue and it concerns OSB in North America and 'the rest of the world'. That means that we kick off our series of annual surveys (MDF and particleboard are next) with a very positive story all round.
  • A bed time story for our first issue of 2014
    In considering recently the many things that we believe because we are told to, I started to wonder how many of our readers are familiar with the children’s story of The Emperor’s new clothes by Hans Christian Anderson. I came to pondering this question because it has seemed to me for a long time that this story should be essential reading for all adults, so that they are less likely to believe everything they are told.
  • The New Yearmay well build on 2013’s optimism
    as I write this column, there is only just over a month to go before the end of 2013, which has been a year of mixed fortunes for the panel manufacturing industry, depending on where the manufacturers are located.