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Layer upon layer of success
24 April, 2019
Our guest expert is, once again, Dr Morwenna Spear of the BioComposites Centre in Bangor, North Wales, UK
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Wood and wellness 24 April, 2019 WBPI's sister magazine, TTJ’s, Wood and Wellness conference heard that timber has the perfect opportunity to benefit from the growing well-being agenda. Sally Spencer reports.
More than simply surface appeal 24 April, 2019 There was more to the panel products, decors and flooring at London’s Surface Design Show than met the eye. Latest surfaces are also about high tech materials and processing, malleability, texture – even smell. TTJ’s Mike Jeffree reports.
Surfing the wave of MDF waste 24 April, 2019 Dr Mark Irle, of the Ecole Supérieur du Bois in France, looks at the well-known use of recycled Wood in making particleboard, but suggests that recycling MDF itself is a different problem - and one which requires addressing with some urgency
Next-Generation Technologies 24 April, 2019 The future has arrived. Forward-thinking panel manufacturers are taking advantage of innovative new features on new systems which can also be retro-fitted to existing equipment, says refiner manufacturer Andritz.
Old meets new 23 April, 2019 Combining secondhand and brand new panel manufacturing equipment is the order of the day. Cast-effective concepts meeting sophisticated demands are hard to resist, say Modul Systeme
A tool for profitability 23 April, 2019 EnTaPa Consulting sl, of Valladolid in Spain, has developed PST 4.0, an auxiliary production tool aimed at improving the profitability of panel plants. Bernardo Alvarez de Prado of EnTaPa Explains
Homanit plans to expand in Lithuania 23 April, 2019 Germany’s Homanit is planning to boost its manufacturing presence in the Baltic States by investing in Lithuania. Our Poland correspondent Jaroslaw Adamowski reports
Wear-Resistance 23 April, 2019 Wood processing would not be high on most engineers' list of industries in need of wearResistant lining systems, but wear protection specialists Kingfisher industrial’s activities in this sector are increasing, says the company
Prepared for Ligna 12 April, 2019 In February, the organisers of the world's largest woodworking show, Ligna, held a press preview meeting in Hannover, Germany. Mike Botting was there to bring this report
OSB capacity seeing rapid growth 12 April, 2019 Russian OSB production is steadily growing, thanks to the ongoing recovery of the country’s national economy from the crisis, and the launch of new investment projects in the industry, says our Russia correspondent, Eugene Gerden
Russia forges ahead 12 April, 2019 The trend seen last year has continued, with rising demand, and rising production capacities, for OSB around the world outside North America. Mike Botting reports
A year of two halves 04 April, 2019 2018 began as the best of times and it ended as the worst of times. Industry experts now expect ample OSB supply, relative to demand, in 2019 and 2020. This report was compiled by our North America correspondents, Dick and Rich Baldwin