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Latest Wood Feature

Biele delivers higher yield
27 May, 2022
Biele has completed a complex project in two stages for Hessen-based Bürstadt Furniture and the installation has given the company the ability to produce lightboards
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Innovus marks decade 27 May, 2022 The Innovus decorative panels brand of international wood-based panels producer Sonae Arauco has reached a 10-year milestone in the market
Investor brings leading brands together 27 May, 2022 Consolidation in the wood processing technology industry has been advancing, with the USNR and Wood Fiber Group acquisitions and merger by a private equity group one of the most recent examples
Turbo charged Turboden 27 May, 2022 Turboden SpA’s biomass and wood-based industry consultant Alessandro Guercio, highlights the company’s drive towards energy efficiency and decarbonisation
Homanit full steam ahead in Lithuania 27 May, 2022 Germany’s fibreboard maker Homanit is advancing plans to ramp up the company’s production capacities in eastern Europe with its recently launched project to build a new MDF and HDF factory in Pagiriai, in south-eastern Lithuania, reports WBPI’s Poland correspondent Jaroslaw Adamowski
Nature’s way 27 May, 2022 Stora Enso has partnered with several players in the wood-based panels industry in the innovative use of its lignin-based binders. Stephen Powney reports
Updates on MDI 27 May, 2022 Global chemicals giant Huntsman Corporation is a leading provider of formaldehyde-free, fast curing resins, helping to pioneer the use of MDI in the sector – facilitating its introduction into particleboard in the 1970s and OSB in the 1980s. WBPI talks to Erik Vangronsveld, Huntsman global materials and industry sustainability director, about MDI, regulations and training
A ‘continuous’ Chinese success story 27 May, 2022 For our second look at the Chinese wood-based panels production market, WBPI interviews Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co Ltd and its parent company Dieffenbacher about their operations in the country. Stephen Powney reports
OSB still a top perfomer 27 May, 2022 OSB producers worldwide have enjoyed buoyant business times of late and a number of new mill projects and expansions of capacity have been announced. But war in Ukraine coupled with high energy and chemicals prices present a challenge. Stephen Powney reports
OSB making history 27 May, 2022 The performance of the OSB industry in North America hit new record highs in 2021, exceeding the recent historic milestones set in 2020, report WBPI North American correspondents Rich and Dick Baldwin
Tracing the metal in wood 14 March, 2022 Dr Simon Curling, a research scientist at the BioComposites Centre, Bangor, looks at the methods available to check trace metals in timber
Date palm OSB production starts in UAE 14 March, 2022 Desert Board branded OSB production has started in the UAE with help from technology provider Dieffenbacher
MDF recycling strides forward 14 March, 2022 Research into recycling waste MDF has been a long-term project for MDF Recovery. Now, its efforts are paying off with the first commercial project set to start construction soon in the UK