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Latest Wood Feature

Coronavirus raises questions
29 May, 2020
The global OSB industry has been one of continual growth but the onset of the coronavirus pandemic is raising challenging question marks in markets for all wood-based panels. Stephen Powney reports
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Finishing Touches 29 May, 2020 Italy’s Giardina Finishing, a major supplier of finishing technology to wood based panel processors, has been experiencing some intense project activity of late. Stephen Powney reports
OSB4 gains market interest 29 May, 2020 OSB4 is the highest performance OSB board in the market, attracting increased interest in global markets. Stephen Powney talks to several mills producing the board and examines the product benefits and applications
Softboard - the rising star? 29 May, 2020 Simon Curling, research scientist at Bangor University’s Biocomposites Centre, takes a look at softboard’s growth, the product’s attributes and its further development
OSB prices improve after difficult 2019 29 May, 2020 The North American OSB sector endured a difficult 2019 with low demand and low prices. However, mill closings and more construction may position the survivors for a better 2020 and 2021, depending on the impact of the coronavirus. This report was compiled by our North American correspondents, Dick and Rich Baldwin
Building on Talent 29 May, 2020 Accsys Technologies’ new chief executive Rob Harris spoke to Sally Spencer about the modified wood product specialist’s predicted growth this year
Smooth to the Touch 29 May, 2020 Dr Mark Irle of Ecole Supérieure Du Bois and Prof Lidia Gurau of the University of Transylvania explain their research into measuring the surface roughness of wood-based panels
Ever thought of OSB variants? 29 May, 2020 The global OSB industry has developed considerably since the product’s first creation in the 1970s and now interesting OSB variant products are creating attention on the market, reports Markus Trame, project manager marketing and PR at Dieffenbacher
Going Green in Europe 29 May, 2020 Alexis Kuhl sets out the European Panel Federation’s position on the European Green Deal
X-Ray vision 29 May, 2020 X-ray systems for inspection and measuring tasks have been prevalent in wood-based panel production for many years. However, as Konrad Solbrig, head of technology wood-based composites at Germany-based EWS reports, the latest research and development enables new systems with innovative features to meet the increasing requirements.
Ready or not for Bio-based 06 March, 2020 Dr Morwenna Spear of the BioComposites Centre in Bangor asks - are we finally ready for bio-based resins?
Virtual vision changes reality 06 March, 2020 ‘Mixed reality’ may be a new expression for some people, but it is entering the world of work with the promise of many benefits. WBPI looks at what Microsoft is doing with its latest technology to empower companies.
Clear Vision 06 March, 2020 Sarah Wild reports on the next generation of modified wood – augmented, transparent wood