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Capacity growth goes ahead in rest of world 08 December, 2011

In part l of our survey of the world particleboard manufacturing industry during 2010 (WBPI Issue 5, 2011, p14), we looked at particleboard capacities and markets in Europe and North America and... > read more

Mixed fortunes for Europe and North America 14 October, 2011

For this report, we look at particleboard capacities up to the 31st December 2010 in Europe and North America – and find a mixed picture.

As would be expected, given the depressing...

Growth goes on in the ‘rest of the world’ 26 July, 2011

Following on from Part 1 of our survey of the industry, covering Europe and North America, as usual, we turn our attention for this survey of 2010 to those countries in the ‘rest of the...

Signs of a turn – slight stirrings in the market 25 May, 2011

We began our survey last year by saying that 2009 was the year when “dire economic conditions finally caught up with capacity development in the MDF industry”.

Short-time working and...

The good news continues 08 April, 2011

Our survey of the OSB industry in 2009 outside North America showed a distinct upturn in both volumes sold and producers’ levels of optimism, compared with a dismal year in 2008.

It now...

Only the tough still stand 08 April, 2011

The relative calm in the North American OSB market during the past year has brought welcome respite after the roller-coaster ride of the preceding five or so years, which saw...

South America and Asia promise new capacity 03 December, 2010

In part l of our survey of the world particleboard manufacturing industry during 2009, we reported an improvement in the market in parts of Europe after the severe blows of the global economic...

Europe looking up, North America staying down 15 November, 2010

After the very downbeat report on 2008 in last year’s survey (WBPI Issue 5, 2009), our survey of 2009  shows some improvement in demand from the third quarter in Europe and earlier curtailments...

Chinese puzzle reveals even more capacity 02 August, 2010

Readers may be astounded to see that world MDF capacity grew by 15.3 million m3 in 2009 compared with the 7.4 million m3 somewhat optimistically reported in last year’s survey.

Riding the crest of a slump – But still standing 11 June, 2010

2009 will be known as the year when the dire economic conditions finally caught up with capacity development in the MDF industry.

Hitherto, the industry in North America and Europe...

Positive and unexpected 15 April, 2010

After last year’s universally downbeat assessment of the markets in 2008, the European industry is mainly in a very positive, if somewhat surprised, frame of mind about 2009 – and many are optimistic for 2010

From chaos comes (hopefully) order..... 01 April, 2010

Production is running some 12 billion ft2 below the boom in the middle of the last decade, with another four mills permanently closed last year and about 7.8 billion ft2/year of non-permanent, market-related shutdowns ongoing.  Audrey Dixon, senior editor with Forestweb, reviews the ups and downs of 2009 and what the experts are forecasting for the year ahead

Volume up, sales down 17 December, 2009

2008 will long be remembered as the year when the global economic downturn, occasioned by the collapse of the US and European housing markets, encountered the global financial crisis. In many...

Unprecedented times 26 November, 2009

It is our fervent wish that this year’s survey and report of particleboard capacity changes in Europe and North America will not be repeated for its illustration of the dire conditions of the...

Pearl River to Paraná 17 August, 2009

In 2007, World MDF capacity grew by 6.37 million m3, or 13.5%. This produced last year’s title “Panel crisis – what crisis?(WBPI issue 4, 2008, p15).
During 2008, MDF capacity grew by 3.7...

In Retreat but no Surrender 16 June, 2009

In the first part of our annual world survey, Europe and North America as at the end of 2008, John Wadsworth finds that capacity has still grown in the midst of the economic gloom

Where next for wood products? 16 June, 2009

Following on from his analysis of the MDF industry, John Wadsworth shares his personal views with us about the financial and social prospects around the world after the economic crisis and discusses the great importance of, and opportunities for, wood in that recovery

BRUTAL TIMES 07 April, 2009

More than 10 billion ft2 of capacity – about a third – has been removed from the North American market in the last two to three years, as manufacturers desperately try to restore some equilibrium to their businesses. Audrey Dixon, senior editor with Forestweb, reports

‘Rest of the world’ thinks big about particleboard 09 December, 2008

If there were any lingering doubts about the division of the panel world into two principal regions, the results of the 2008 survey must dispel them. The original EU15 countries and North...

Waiting and hoping 07 December, 2008

You would not expect a happy story from the producers of OSB in Europe and Latin America and so this survey will not come as a surprise. It is, inevitably, for the most part a story of holding tight and waiting for the upturn

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