Peru’s particleboard imports drop in January 2018

16 April 2018

Peruvian particleboard (PB) / medium density particleboard (MDP) reached US$5.7m in January 2018, a 2.7% drop compared to January 2017 (US$5.9m).

Despite presenting a 27.4% drop, Chile remained in January 2018 as the main supplier of PB/MDP to the important Peruvian market with US$1.9m (2017: US$2.6m). Followed by Ecuador, with US$1.8m (2017: US$1.6m), Spain with US$1.1m and Brazil with US$0.9m.

The main importing company in January 2018 was Novopan Peru with US$1.7m (2017: US$1.6m) and 30.4% share of the total imports of PB/MDP in the country in January 2018. Masisa Peru followed with US$1.1m and the Martin Group with US$1.0m. 

Arauco Peru was the importing company that saw its imports contract the most, going from US$1.7m in January 2017 to US$587,000 in January 2018 (-64.7%).