Metsä Wood invests €55m in birch plywood mill in Estonia

11 October 2018

The investment in a birch plywood mill established in Pärnu, Estonia is worth €55m and once operating at full capacity in 2019 it will employ around 200 people

The Pärnu mill, according to Metsä Wood, is a strategically important investment in birch plywood specialty products. The most important applications for birch plywood include the construction and transport industries, which are increasing globally as a result of enhanced urbanisation.

“Metsä Wood has been implementing its industrial efficiency strategy for five years, to great effect,” said president and CEO Ilkka Hämälä.

 “The inauguration of the birch plywood mill in Pärnu is the culmination of the company’s €100m investment programme, which improves production excellence and competitiveness in the market. Today, we are witnessing another new beginning for Metsä Group’s strong growth,” said Mr Hämälä.

The annual production capacity of the mill is 50,000m3 which increases Metsä Wood’s total net production capacity by around 30,000m3.