Metsä Wood constructs plywood mill in Estonia

11 May 2017

Metsä Group’s Wood Products Industry Metsä Wood has bought a 10ha industrial site in the city of Pärnu, Estonia and has just begun construction work of a new birch plywood mill. The construction of the mill in Pärnu is part of the €100m investment programme Metsä Wood published in June 2016.

The new mill, which will create approximately 200 jobs to Pärnu, will start production by the second half of 2018.

“Metsä Wood is investing in birch plywood production to better meet the globally growing demand. The location of the new mill in Pärnu offers very good logistical connections to our main markets,” says Jari Tikkanen, SVP production and technology at Metsä Wood.

“The birch veneers will be manufactured in Finland and converted into plywood at the Pärnu mill. This is a major investment in our competitiveness. The annual birch plywood production capacity at the Pärnu mill will be 50 000m3,” added Mr Tikkanen.

The construction agreement signed between Metsä Wood and Nordecon AS includes the construction of the production hall of 29,000m2 and the non-work rooms and office premises.