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Schelling cuts straight to industry 4.0 06 December, 2016 Schelling is the worldwide leader in cut-to-size machines and plants for wood panels > read more

Steinemann: Quality and Support come first 06 December, 2016 Steinemann is based in Switzerland, where manufacturing is expensive but where quality more than outweighs the capital costs

Binos: Solutions whose time has come 06 December, 2016 Binos, long ahead of its time, has solutions that the market may now appreciate

GreCon builds on history 06 December, 2016 A cutting-edge company in a historic factory has a tradition of innovation

Dieffenbacher - 3D feeding of Knife ring flakers 06 December, 2016 B Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH, part of the Dieffenbacher Group, introduces an innovation for optimising flake preparation for particleboard production

Germany: A tradition of excellence 06 December, 2016 In the engineering world, Germany has an unrivalled reputation. In making machinery for the wood based panel industry, the same is true. German and German-speaking countries are strong contributors. Julian Champkin visited Germany, Austria and Switzerland to discover how they do it

Reviving a forgotten classic in kitchen design 16 March, 2016 Häcker Kitchens has launched a modern shelf element with a sliding door system and individually adjustable worktops.

LVL brought in-house 16 March, 2016 STEICO’s new LVL line is up and running. Keren Fallwell reports from the factory in Poland.

Steaming ahead 16 March, 2016 Valmet, based in Sweden, has developed a new system to reduce the amount of steam required in the refining process for MDF. Called the PeriVapor, Valmet says this system has been successfully installed in a German MDF factory.

Weather Resistant 16 March, 2016 Houseboats, playgrounds, coastal redevelopments and even a roller coaster. Medite Tricoya Extreme is offered as a high-performance, durable solution for a wide range of adventurous outdoor projects, says its maker, Medite of the Irish Republic.

Made to meet tough standards 16 March, 2016 The Passive House movement is growing in the UK and here, George Watson of Coillte Panel Products, Eire, looks at the panels available to help meet these stringent targets.

Cementing bonds 16 March, 2016 Cement bonded particleboard is of particular interest for use in regions with high humidity, due to the fact that it is resistant to fungus, water and termites, while the production of the boards is environmentally friendly, says German machinery maker Binos.

Where science meets art 07 January, 2016 The Hueck group of companies can trace its origins back to 1938 in the production of brass and aluminium plates. Today it offers a complete design and manufacturing service, including chrome plating the plates inhouse at its works in Viersen, as Mike Botting discovered.

Forming the future 07 January, 2016 2015 has been a better year than expected for complete line supplier Dieffenbacher of Eppingen. The company has new projects under way in several parts of the world and also had new products to discuss when Mike Botting visited its headquarters.

Making woodyards work 07 January, 2016 After 45 years, the family business of Holtec continues to supply complete woodyards to a growing number of wood product makers, from sawmills to panel mills, from its two German factories. Mike Botting visited the company’s HQ in Hellenthal.

At the heart of the press 05 January, 2016 Kelzenberg in Düren specialises in the manufacture of the drums and rolls which are at the heart of every type of continuous press, from calender to today’s sophisticated continuous presses, all based on a long history of specialist engineering skills and a long-standing connection with the paper industry.

Rolling out Generation 8 05 January, 2016 Sales of Siempelkamp Maschinen und Anlagenbau’s Generation 8 ContiRoll continuous press continue to increase and the company had that, and several new developments, to discuss when Mike Botting visited its Krefeld headquarters.

Ikea to expand in Poland 10 November, 2015 Sweden’s IKEA Industry has launched a project to expand its HDF plant in Babimost, in Poland’s southwestern region of Lubuskie. This investment will enable the manufacturer to increase the capacity of its plant. Our Poland correspondent, Jaroslaw Adamowski, reports.

New capacity in both regions 03 November, 2015 This is the first edition of this two-part survey, in which we list all the particleboard mills operating in Europe and North America as at the end of 2014. We also look at the markets, and the prospects, for the industry in the future.

Cleaning the raw material 01 September, 2015 Technology for cleaning recycled wood and virgin fibre can help panel producers to optimise their production and reduce costs. Stephen Powney reports from Instalmec.

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