At the end of August, only nine days after the first board, the particleboard plant at the Kastamonu City site was running in stable three-shift operation. This means that the total time taken from the start of installation in January 2023 to three-shift operation was around eight months. 

Thus Siempelkamp had achieved a hat trick with Kastamonu in no less than three times in three years, with two particleboard plants and an MDF plant. 

Most recently, both teams managed a really tight timeline from the start of installation in June 2022 to final inspection within nine months in Balikesir. This is where Kastamonu Entegre is operating an MDF plant which includes an 8ft x 63.7m. 

In 2020/2021, both partners realized a particleboard at the Samsun site – despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19. 

“The current third project in a row has benefited from our joint experience gained over the first two projects,” said Axel Weiss, Siempelkamp project manager.  

“We grew together with the client's team to form a joint, highly motivated team in each of these projects.” 

Kastamonu Entregre ordered a forming and press line with a 7ft x 37.1m ContiRoll press for its most recent particleboard plant. The automation, cooling and stacking line and sanding line were also included in the specification.