The recent completion of the investment of its furniture factory has rethinked the production process with all its workflows. 

The ambitious project involved applying all the latest technologies in order to achieve higher productivity and rationality and better product quality while reducing energy costs.

“Among the main activities,” explained division manager Dr Alessandro Pacasso, “we reorganised the entire layout of the furniture factory, streamlining operations and making internal workflows more efficient thanks to sophisticated logistical operations.”

“We integrated our departments with automated transport and vertical warehouses, and introduced technologies that have enabled us to achieve a marked improvement in the aesthetic perception of the finished product.”

“Our processes are now highly automated, and all information is integrated in a ‘4.0 mindset’, both for the pre-assembled product line and for the one that makes unassembled furniture," Mr Pacasso added. 

Integration with neighbouring finishing lines optimises logistical flows, but more importantly, it harnesses the expertise of sister company Lacon by creating surfaces that enhance the expressive power of the materials with a striking visual and tactile language. “These investments are already bringing major benefits,” he concluded. “Production capacity has increased by 15%, all the while reducing energy consumption.” 

Fantoni said the investment had allowed its office division to align with the cutting-edge facilities of the panel division by embracing zero-miles production and upholding environmental sustainability.

The Fantoni Group makes office furniture, partition and storage wall systems, MDF, particleboard, melamine flooring, sound-deadening panels, resins and impregnates papers for facing its own panel products.