A record Installation and start-up time of only 4.5 months was achieved by the Weihua and Dieffenbacher erection and commissioning teams when the first MDF board was produced on September 18, 2009 at the new Weihua Fengkai site in Guangdoing Province PR, China.

This was the 100th Dieffenbacher CPS press line to come on stream worldwide.

Since the commencement of their ambitious expansion programme five years ago, the Weihua Group performance has been marked by continuous growth, including the start-up of one Dieffenbacher CPS press line each year.

Weihua Fengkai is the latest member company of the Chinese Weihua Group which already operates eight MDF/THDF lines in a number of Chinese provinces, including the Dieffenbacher CPS lines.

Their main panel production capacity originated and still is located in Guangdong Province, where the major Chinese furniture industry and panel consumers are located.