New partnership heralds big step forward in waste MDF recycling

16 May 2023

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PAL of the international wood manufacturing technology IMAL PAL GROUP has announced a new partnership with MDF Recovery (MDFR).

MDFR’s technology has been promoted as the world’s first low energy, low water solution for the effective recycling of waste MDF.

The partnership will provide PAL with exclusive rights to integrate the MDFR process with its own market leading wood cleaning and recycling technologies.

MDFR says the partnership means that for the first time, customers in the wood-based panels industry will be able to specify a complete ‘end to end’ recycling solution for this challenging waste stream.

The partners say that by incorporating MDFR’s patented technology with PAL’s extensive recycling expertise and experience, MDF manufacturers, processors and retailers will be able to reduce costs, enhance both product and corporate sustainability and address the needs of the circular economy.

The partnership between MDFR and PAL offers an integrated solution to challenges including rising raw material and energy costs, security of supply, and pressure to adopt the principles of the circular economy, that are impacting the industry around the world.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers around the world the integration of MDFR’s unique process with PAL’s market leading recycling technology” commented Antonio Dal Ben, PAL’s Vice President and CEO.

“PAL has a record of providing the wood panel industry with continual innovation. The partnership with MDFR provides new and existing customers with a cost-effective and important answer to material, engineering, financial and market issues that are impacting their businesses.”

“This exciting development is a huge step forward for MDFR and the environment” says Craig Bartlett, MDFR’s CEO. “Our technology and process offers MDF processors and users a way to benefit both the planet and their businesses’ bottom line. This partnership will see our technology rolled out globally and I would like to take this opportunity to thank PAL for sharing our vision and commitment.”

Waste MDF normally either ends up in landfill or incineration.

PAL is a global technology supplier and developer, specializing in the design of technological solutions, machinery and complete production lines for four principal business areas: wood-based panels, pressed wood packaging, pellets and energy and wood recycling and waste treatment.

MDF Recovery’s process recovers wood fibre which can be re-integrated into the manufacture of panel boards or used as a natural, wood-based alternative to glass fibre and mineral wool insulation products.

Waste MDF is a huge untapped material resource
Recovered waste MDF fibre can be used in new MDF boards or into insulation boards with MDFR’s process.