Headquartered in St Johann in Tirol, Austria, the company is consistently pursuing its strategy of continuing to grow on its own terms and to make itself future-proof through increasing internationalisation.

With a market share of 35%, Masisa is number two in Argentina, with Masisa Argentina posting turnover of US$131m in 2016.

The plant in Concordia has facilities for the production and lamination of particleboard and MDF boards. In 2016, it recorded production capacities of 165,000m3 particleboard, 280,000m3 MDF boards and 274,000m3 lamination. An enterprise value of US$155m has been agreed for Masisa Argentina’s business.

Masisa Argentina's forestry activities are not to be taken over by Egger, but a long-term wood supply partnership has been agreed.

“We are certain that it is an opportune time to invest in South America,” explains Thomas Leissing, spokesman of the Egger Group Management, “Because Argentina is just coming out of its worst economic downturn, and following recent political developments, there is plenty of reason to hope that the economy will continue on its course to recovery.”

For Egger, owning a production site in the growth markets of South America is vital for tapping into the local market potential.