The goal of Compulsory E1 is to ensure common legislation throughout Europe for the production, import and marketing of wood based panels, and of products made from them at an emission level not higher than E1.
Since 2007, all EPF members have agreed to produce particleboard, MDF and OSB of at least E1 quality.

This commitment is now shared by hardboard, soft board and plywood manufacturers.

Eight of 28 EU Member States already require E1 by legislation and EPF and its members are engaged in active discussions with the remaining national ministries to draft and enact similar decrees in each European Member State.
This would establish a fair and common market across Europe.

EFIC, the leading European association of furniture manufacturers in Europe welcomes and supports this initiative. EFIC members already manufacture the vast majority of their furniture products that include wood based panels using boards at E1 level. A harmonisation of this by law across Europe would guarantee a "level playing field" for products made in Europe and those imported from outside.

In addition it would secure a certain minimum standard for all wood based panel furniture, which would certainly benefit Europe’s consumers.

Therefore EPF, supported by EFIC, will continue to call on all National Governments where legislation does not already exist to enact a decree that requires:

(1) The entry of wood based panels on the national market only if they meet the requirements of European Standard EN 13986 for E1 classification (to be supported by a statement or certification)

(2) The manufacture, promotion and sale of furniture products that contain wood based panels only if they are classed at least E1.