This year’s event will be staged with the support of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. The university hosts a faculty of wood technology with 22 well-equipped laboratories, helping deliver courses including “Wood Technology”, "Wood Building and Construction” and “Interior Engineering”.

“The first-ever LIGNA.Conference in Rosenheim will be another key highlight in our ‘Woodworking Shows Worldwide’ family of events, which puts the spotlight on emerging trends in the woodworking and timber processing industries,” explained Christian Pfeiffer, Deutsche Messe’s Global Director LIGNA & Woodworking Shows. “Our decision to stage the event at TH Rosenheim was quite deliberate because it is an internationally recognized and respected center of research and development.”

This year’s Conference will preview topics from LIGNA 2021: Woodworking Transformation, Prefab Building Processes and Green Material Processing. Speakers will illustrate how the current Woodworking Transformation is centered around automation and integration. They will also discuss the next generation of machinery for processing solid and engineered wood.

Lectures dealing with Prefab Building Processes will explore new ways timber is used in multi-level buildings and the latest processes used for planning, prefabrication and on-site assembly. They will also highlight the trend towards modularisation and standardisation in the timber construction industry.