Maximum emission levels: Particleboard: 0.18 parts per million (ppm); MDF over 8mm thick: 0.21ppm; and MDF under 8mm thick: 0.22ppm.

Content limits: Particleboard: 9.08mg/100g; MDF over 8mm thick: 10.64 mg/100g; and MDF under 8mm thick: 11.15 mg/100g.

The ASTM E-1333-14 large chamber and ASTM D6007-142 small chamber tests would be used to determine compliance with the emission limits, and the perforator test would be the method used for measuring formaldehyde content.

The draft regulation calls on the Ministry of Economy to create a certification system whereby manufacturers and importers of covered goods must obtain certificates of compliance from an accredited certifying body.

The Composite Panel Association is working closely with its Mexican member companies to provide technical support and develop a strategy for CPA’s engagement in the finalisation and initial implementation of the regulation. At this time, the regulation is expected to become effective in early November 2016.