VRG/Dongwha is said to have ordered the largest MDF plant in Asia from Siempelkamp.

The company, located in Minh Hung in the Binh Phouc provinces, signed a US$120m contract for an MDF/HDF plant.

VRG is a joint venture of rubber manufacturer Vietnamese Rubber Group and the Korean Dong Wha Company – Asia’s largest MDF manufacturer.

The plant, designed to start operation in 2012, is designed for a daily capacity of 1,200m3.
Siempelkamp will supply a 2.44x47m ContiRoll press, as well as a large portion of the front end equipment.

Scope of supply includes a drum chipper, chip storage, screens, conveyors, silos, as well as a fibre dryer, fibre sifter and complete gluing system.

Assembly of the plant is planned to start in May 2011.