It joins the #1000solutions challenge, an initiative of the Solar Impulse Foundation aiming to select solutions that meet high criteria of profitability and of sustainability and present them to decision makers to accelerate their implementation.

Green Ultimate is billed as the world’s first adhesive solution to offer an ecological alternative to traditional resins. 

It is produced in France, without formaldehyde or isocyanate, from waste generated fromrapeseed and sunflower crops. 

Evertree says Green Ultimate  makes it possible to reduce carbon impact by 60% compared to the use of a synthetic resin.

“We created Evertree in 2016 with the strong desire to contribute to a better and carbon  world,” said Nicolas Masson, CEO of Evertree. 

“For this, we are committed develop technological solutions based on plant chemistry, such as Green Ultimate, to achieve a way of life that is more respectful of the environment and our health. We want to go further, with our Green by Evertree Project to bring together players in the wood industry, furnishings, fittings and interior design around better solutions for the environment or indoor air quality.”