The figures, which exclude pulp and paper, show exports decreased 39% in value compared to June 2022, from US$481m to US$292m.

Pine sawn wood exports decreased 23% in value between June 2022 (US$75.7m) and June 2023 (US$58.6m). In volume, exports decreased 5% over the same period, from 264,800m3 to 251,000m3. 

Tropical sawnwood exports decreased 49% in volume, from 56,200m3 in June 2022 to 28,800m3 in June 2023. In value, exports decreased 47% from US$26.9m to US$14.4m, over the same period.

Pine plywood exports faced an almost 50% decrease in value in June 2023 compared to June 2022, falling from US$96.9m to US$48.7m. In volume, exports decreased 33% over the same period, from 221,900m3 to 148,300m3.

As for tropical plywood, exports decreased in volume 49% and in value by 47%, from 5,500m3 and US$3.5m in June 2022 to 2,900m3 and US$1.8m in June 2023.