Accreditation will provide independent verification that the plywood fully complies with the exacting standards of BS 1088: 2003: Marine Plywood.

The move is in response to rising concerns in the industry that as the high quality, durable veneers required for BS 1088: 2003: Marine Plywood become more difficult to source, some of the Marine Plywood on the market may not be of the superior quality claimed.

BM TRADA’s Q-Mark scheme for Marine Plywood will enable manufacturers to demonstrate to customers and specifiers that their products are fit for purpose, having satisfied the most rigorous of quality processes.

Marine Plywood was originally intended for the manufacture of marine craft but is increasingly used in building construction, in extreme climates, and in general building work where a high standard of durability is required.

The use of durable wood species, a class 3 glue bond and stringent production control on the quality of veneers mean that Marine Plywood will offer a higher level of resistance to biological attack and provide greater moisture resistance.