The group, consisting of Siempelkamp Logistics and Service (SLS), Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau and the subsidiaries Büttner and Pallmann, invited Turkish customers to the event to exchange ideas and present the latest developments, trends, and services to them. 

SLS managing director Dr Stephan Niggeschmidt, together with the team of experts from Sales and Service, presented comprehensive concepts for spare parts supply and flexibly designed modernization packages that optimize existing plant technology. 

Siempelkamp said that with more than 35 ContiRoll lines in operation in the Turkish market, there was great potential for both sides to maintain the co-operation at the highest performance level in the long term.

Delegates heard about the strategic partnership with SMARTECH and the marketing launch of the jointly developed AI-based solution Prod-IQ · SmartPress. 

Ulrich Kaiser, head of technical sales at Siempelkamp, inspired the participants by offering insight into new trends and products for the wood-based panel industry in his presentations.

“In a booming market with an extremely high level of construction activity, OSB products for the construction sector are thus now developing as an attractive solution in addition to MDF and particleboard for the furniture industry, which will also be very popular in the packaging industry and other sectors,” he said.

He said production of OSB, advanced OSB, and insulation boards could be of special interest for the Turkish market in the future, with Siempelkamp to start up its first ContiRoll line for OSB production in the country before the end of the year. 

Other presentations by the subsidiaries Pallmann and Büttner included technical innovations in the field of dryers from the latter company.