Using technology developed in the UK by MDF Recovery Ltd (MDFR), the plant will reclaim high-quality fibres from waste MDF to produce loose fill natural insulation material. 

This, says MDFR, will represent the first example of wood fibre based insulation manufacture in the UK, displacing imported products and those derived from fossil fuels.

This project has secured support from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the national funding agency investing in science and research in the UK. 

MDFR will collaborate with its industrial partner, Platts Agriculture Ltd,

a business that has been manufacturing for over 50 years and is looking to diversify and invest into new markets.

The recycled MDF fibres will be tested and used in trials with the construction sector, particularly businesses that are active in the expanding offsite, modular panel manufacturing industry. 

The resulting loose fill product can be used in loft spaces and wall panels to improve the thermal performance of new and existing buildings – keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

“The loose fill product from this plant will represent a new source of raw material that is cheaper and offers better performance than fossil fuel derived alternatives,” said Craig Bartlett, MDFR’s CEO.

“It will facilitate the greater uptake of natural materials within the timber framed housing sector, particularly in the UK, where natural fibre insulation production will be possible for the first time.”

Mr Bartlett said MFR’s pilot plant had successfully demonstrated the potential of the technology to meet the strategic marketing and supply needs of customers across Europe and beyond.