Plywood exports from Brazil’s Pará state dropped 41.4% in volume in 2008, compared to 2007, according to the Timber Exporting Companies Association of Pará (AIMEX).
Pará’s forest products exports dropped in both volume and value across all sectors, with a drop in consumption by the US as a result of the economic crisis being a key factor claims the International Tropical Timber Organization. The US accounts for a third of the state’s total timber exports.
Delays in approving forest management and reforestation projects, along with unfavourable exchange rates, were also factors.
Pará’s total forest products exports were US$631m in 2008, down 20.4% on 2007.
Brazil’s Timber Producers and Exporters Association (ABPMEX) said the country’s timber producers have reported a 40% cancellation rate of export orders, citing the global economic crisis. If demand continues to decrease, timber exports are expected to drop by 15-20% this year.