He was a recognised authority on wood composite materials and had over 37 years’ experience in the field.

Professor Maloney authored over 400 research reports, articles and book chapters, as well as the book Modern Particleboard and Dry-Process Fiberboard Manufacturing.

In 1967 he instigated the first International Symposium on Particleboard & Composite Materials.

Professor Maloney served as president of the International Forest Products Society and as president of the International Society of Wood Science & Technology.

WSU awarded him its first Faculty Excellence Award for Public Service in 1983 and in 1988 he was honoured with the annual award of Forest Industries, given for leadership in developing excellence in the forest products industry. Tom Maloney was also a Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science.

Mike Botting, editor, WBPI, comments: "I first attended the former Pullman Symposium at WASU in 1996 and had the privilege of meeting Tom then and on my subsequent annual attendances at the symposium.

"He was not only a very knowledgeable man, but an extremely nice one, who always made me feel very welcome and soon became a friend, as I know he did to so many in our industry."