Nordtreat was in Nantes for Carrefour on June 1-3 to launch Norflam, designed for the treatment of interior wood products.

Norflam is a flame retardant system for wood-based panels and other wood products for interior use. The two-product water-based system has high-performance fire protection primer Norflam TP and a top coat Norflam TT.

 The Norflam system is approved for all interior wood products with a density higher than 338 kg/m³ and a thickness greater than 8mm. It is aimed at the fire protection treatment of plywood, OSB, LVL and solid wood panels.

 Nortreat says wood products treated with the Norflam system achieve a reaction to fire class B-s1,d0 according to EN 13501. 

 The finish of NORFLAM can be clear or translucent toned. At the moment there are nine colour choices.