The family owned Sao Paulo-based company, with business activities ranging from power generation, PVC pipe manufacture and cattle breeding to car dealerships and industrial development in the Congo, plans to construct an MDF plant in Mato Grosso do Sul state.

In 2011, the group’s agribusiness division began eucalyptus reforestation and today supplies wood to the pulp and paper industry in the south western state. Asperbras provides wood for a pulp mill in the town of Ribas do Rio Pardo.

In January, the firm was in talks with the municipal authorities in the nearby community of Agua Clara where it aims to develop a new furniture manufacturing zone around its fibreboard mill.

Asperbras is set to receive state tax incentives along with local land for its ambitious US$300m project which will create up to 350 jobs, according to Brazilian media reports.

The group operates plastics processing plants in Brazil’s Sao Paulo and Natal states and processes milk in the south eastern state of Minas Gerais.