SMARTPLY has been supplying OSB to the construction industry for more than 25 years and, since 2016 MEDITE SMARTPLY has been focusing on investment and product innovation.

An initial investment of €59m was made to the SMARTPLY facility which saw the creation of a new forming and finishing lines with a new state-of the art continuous press.

This was the beginning of the next generation of SMARTPLY OSB, the panels were smoother, flatter and underpinned by the brands strong environmental ethos.

€44m was invested for this latest significant upgrade to the drying, energy and screening facility. The completion of the upgrade is a very exciting stage of development for SMARTPLY OSB. The construction of the biomass energy plant ensures that SMARTPLY will operate on 100% renewable biomass material for process drying and heating.

The crucial upgrade means that SMARTPLY OSB will have an improved output at a time when demand is high, and is predicted to grow further throughout 2022.

“We are extremely delighted with the completion of this project,” said Chris King, managing director – commercial at MEDITE SMARTPLY. “Not only will this upgrade allow us to deliver more sustainable best-in-class timber panel products, but the increased output of SMARTPLY OSB will enable us to support existing customer positions and develop new market sectors and opportunities as part of our strategy and growth plan.”

The completed upgrade follows the successful launch of SMARTPLY SURE STEP, a T&G structural OSB/3 panel with improved slip resistance and durability. This joins a range of sustainably produced speciality and technical products, from moisture resistance to flame retardance, demonstrating MEDITE SMARTPLY’s consistent innovation and contribution to the future of sustainable building.