A new piece of technology to further enhance the quality of its wood based panels has been introduced at Kronospan’s UK-based factory.

Equipment derived from the gold mining industry and adapted for purpose by Kronospan’s engineers will, says the company, help it to remove metal contamination, in particular aluminium particles from its wood material, to ensure the company can continue to recycle landfill waste for use in its premium products.

Ian Ferguson, environmental manager at Kronospan said: “As with any recycled product rogue particles end up in the raw material sent in to our factory. Part of the wood waste entering our site is diverted from landfill so it can bring with it lots of different contaminants, from door handles to clothing.

“Clearly it’s important that we sort this from the wood so that we can produce a product of the highest possible quality.

“The significant investment that we’ve made in the new equipment is allowing us to do this quickly and easily.”