Kastamonu receives CE certificate for its MDF boards

24 April 2019

Kastamonu has received the CE certificate for MDF boards in the range of thicknesses up to 30mm, which confirms compliance of the products with leading European standards (EN standards).

The CE certificate confirms that the MDF boards produced by Kastamonu at the plant in the Alabuga SEZ comply with basic requirements and standards of the European Union in the field of quality and ecology.

The availability of this certificate removes the technical and administrative barriers to expanding the presence of the company's products in the EU countries’ markets.

“Today, our products from the plant in Tatarstan are delivered to dozens of countries in Europe and Asia,” noted Ali Kiliç, general director of Kastamonu in Russia. “About 30-40% of products are exported, that’s why we are interested in the further development of external directions of supply.”