Established in April 1992, GreCon is located just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne and is a member of the Fagus-GreCon Group, providing turnkey solutions for multiple industries, including the wood-based panel industry, manufacturing, recycling, biomass, pharmaceutical, food, hygiene and more.

GreCon’s fire prevention technology protects industrial premises, processes and people, detecting and extinguishing ignition sources to make workplaces safer and enable uninterrupted production. 

In addition, GreCon’s measuring technology solutions help customers improve product quality in their production processes.

GreCon’s recently launched Intelligent Extinguishing Module (IEM) is a fit for the future addition to the intelligent fire prevention solutions portfolio. The company says it can take the intelligence and reliability of existing spark extinguishing systems to the next level, with cited benefits including more rapid extinguishing of sparks and harmful ignition sources. 

The company is also undertaking recruitment for roles in a new service & operations department, streamlining the former structure. A Head of Service & Operations and Service Coordinator are amongst the roles sought. 

This recruitment will ensure additional skills and expertise address current and future needs and ensure customer expectations remain in focus.

Jonathan Hamill, managing director of GreCon Ltd, said the company was celebrating the contribution of the whole team and the loyalty of its customers on the 30th anniversary. “We also reflect on our business success and our tremendous opportunity to make people and places safer and factories smarter.”

Uwe Kahmann, joint group managing director, said the significant business milestone reaffirmed the group’s commitment to the UK & Ireland market. 

“We thank the team for delivering a vital contribution in looking after our customers even during difficult times such as the current pandemic.”