Raute Corporation has received an order worth approximately €12m from the Russian company Brjanskij Fanernyi Kombinat. The order comprises all production lines for a plywood mill.

The deliveries to Russia will take place in summer 2010 and the start-up during autumn 2010.
Brjanskij Fanernyi Kombinat is a well-established, relatively small Russian plywood producer with production operations in Brjanskij, in the south-west of Russia.

The machinery now ordered will be placed in a new mill with an annual production capacity of 40,000m3 of overlaid birch plywood. The mill will produce 4×8 and 5x10ft plywood by western production standards.

The received order improves Raute’s order book but has no impact on the net sales and operating profit for 2009. Because of the very low declined order book, the order will only have minor, short-term mitigating effect on the ongoing adaptation measures. Despite this single received order the market situation as a whole is still challenging, says Raute.