Drevo is one of the largest suppliers of products for furniture production and interior equipment in the country.

The warehouse, implemented by OHRA in close co-operation with partner companies, has fully automatic features for product storage and retrieval, picking and provision of the order-related packages.

This is made possible by the interaction of storage and retrieval machines (SRM) and an innovative plate manipulator with suction lifters.

This is designed not only to increase the efficiency of the entire storage and order picking process, but also enables a high area utilisation and reduces damage to the goods. The warehouse offers space for more than 3,400 sheet material packages.

Products include laminated chipboard and worktops in various dimensions and designs. Packages can weigh up to 2 tons and are usually 2,800mm by 2,070mm in size. OHRA supplied a total of seven double-sided and two single-sided, 57-metre-long cantilever racks, while partner company Köttgen supplied the SRM.