Dieffenbacher’s recycling business seeing rapid growth

11 December 2019

Dieffenbacher has reported rapid growth in its new Recycling Business Unit.

The company said numerous project wins justified the creation of the unit at the start of 2019 and predicted strong growth in the area in 2020.

Wood recycling plants for the wood-based panels industry were the main driver of the recycling success.

The company anticipates continued high demand from the wood-based panel industry, but also expects growth in its other target markets – alternative fuels, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and “Waste 2 Product.”

Overall, 2019 was a positive year for the Dieffenbacher Group as a whole across its divisions, it said. “The company was particularly successful in supplying complete plants on all continents,” it said. “Sales are developing according to plan, and capacity utilisation at all production sites is secured well into the coming year.”

The Wood Business Unit booked 18 new plant orders by the end of November.

Twelve of these were received by Dieffenbacher in Eppingen, while the Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery (SWPM) received six orders for continuous production lines for smaller capacities. Orders came both from existing and new customers.

Swiss Krono Group ordered a complete OSB plant this year with a 65m long CPS+ for its location in Sharya, Russia.

Additional orders were received from Camsan Ordu (MDF plant in Ordu, Turkey) and for one of Asia's largest particleboard plants in Guangxi, China, among others.

Another Chinese customer will be supplied with one of the largest complete plants in the world for the production of Fine Surface OSB (OSB with particleboard surface layers) including a 65-meter-long CPS+.

A total of 14 plant startups in the past 10 months have been recorded.

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