The orders for Italian woodworking machines and tools in Q2, 2018 decreased 9.9% year-on-year due to orders from abroad dropping 15.5%, reports Acimall, the association of Italian manufacturers of woodworking machinery. These figures are balanced by the positive results in the domestic market increasing by 29.4%.

As the reason for dropping exports in April-June 2018 Acimall points to the new customs duties on a global scale, the increase of energy products and the financial instability in some emerging countries.

The orders book has gone down to 3.1 months (from 3.4 in the previous quarter), while prices as of January 1 have slightly increased (0.4%).

The quality survey for the April-June quarter indicates that, according to 39% of the sample, the expected production trend is positive (stationary according to 56%, decreasing according to 5%).