In Chile, the certificate verifies the positive impact Forestal Arauco’s management is having on the “conservation of areas of importance for recreation and/or tourism” and the “conservation of populations of species of interest for nature-based tourism”.

In Argentina, the certificate was awarded for demonstrating the positive impacts in the conservation of species diversity in two different forest locations. Under Arauco Argentina’s management of San Jorge and Campo de los Palmitos Native Forests, Jaguar numbers went from eight to 37 in ten years. 

“We see Ecosystem Services certification as a great opportunity to increase our capacity for learning and dialogue in order to be a more mature organization and to show that the forest is much more than wood fibre and timber, since it provides several services to the community, society and the planet.” said Eduardo Melo from Forestal Arauco.

Kevin Jones, Head of Forestry, Soil Association Certification Forestry, said: “We hope that the Ecosystem Services approach helps to reverse the trend of forests being undervalued, by helping forest managers and communities to generate the recognition and value forests deserve for the multiple benefits they bring.

“Forests protect soil and water sources, provide beautiful landscapes, preserve biodiversity and store carbon. Despite this, we are living in a world where forests are being undervalued, deforestation continues at pace and climate change is a very real threat. Ecosystem Services is one way that we are protecting the world’s forests upon which we all depend.”