After months of preparations, the Egger team is now presenting its new, rolling collection concept for distributors, designers, architects and fabricators.

The rolling concept is a first for Egger and effectively means new décor and texture combinations will be updated every two years. The last collection release was in 2020.

Available from February, the Egger Decorative Collection 24+ expands Egger’s offer of adaptable interior design solutions that reflect increasingly changing design trends in the post-pandemic market.

“The past four years have been marked by uncertainty,” said Hubert Höglauer, head of product management and marketing furniture and interior design for Egger Group.

“Special market requirements, a dynamic competitive environment and fast-moving trends have pushed us to fully rethink the concept of our Decorative Collection.”

Mr Höglauer said the rolling concept allows the company to react faster to new trends, influences and product innovations. Despite shorter update cycles, it guarantees that all new introductions remain in the range for at least four years, providing planning certainty for customers

Decorative Collection 24+ – under the motto ‘Time for more’ – is designed to offer direct and indirect customers more possibilities and solutions during a time of change, completed by a range of digital services.

The new collection offers over 300 decor and texture combinations, available across Egger’s wide product portfolio and matching material offer. There are 68 new products.

Some 239 combinations are available in internationally stocked laminate, to ease streamlining of global projects.

The collection also includes 202 Eurodekor finishes, with an environmentally sustainable chipboard core, suitable for a wide variety of applications across multi-sector design.

There are 32 PerfectSense surfaces, including 19 new products, as well as 75 different decor-structure combinations in the worktop range.

Egger says the new collection is characterised by a new simplicity, offering a flexibility in design that is reflective of wider social trends and the pace of digitalised life.

“A feeling of security is often sought with our own four walls, as this is where we can implement the most control over our environment and our lives,” said head of Egger design and decor management Klaus Monhoff.

“Interior trends for the future must therefore be both reliable and adaptable.”

The concept is reflected in new decors. Colour evolves towards muted yet bold shades, and widens to include an elegant spectrum of natural greens and rich reds, as well as developments in the established blue-grey trend.

Ever present, neutrals now take on a warmer, more calm appearance for heightened combination opportunities.

Mr Monhoff also explained the evolution of woodgrain reproductions towards a redefined simplicity:

“Oak is still the most important woodgrain, but it has evolved from a strikingly rustic to a calm and more adaptable variant. Reproductions are no longer given authenticity through cracks and knots, but through texture, such as the new ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain. This latest generation of Egger synchronised pore surfaces reflects the trend for reserved, matt wood effects, but still has the signature depth to touch.”

Material reproductions also offer simplicity. Instead of abstract designs, natural looking slate and marble are increasingly found in interior design schemes, commonly as the underpinning feature in frontals and furniture.

The texture development ST76 Mineral Rough Matt enhances new finishes, enabling timeless designs. The theme continues with metallics, with new UK texture ST20 Metal Brushed offering a stylishly matt and contemporary reproduction.

Egger has reported exceptional feedback from customers. It says ST40, ST76 and ST20 have been established as firm favourites along with the muted uni-colours that combine well with other finishes.

Egger is also establishing a new type of decor advice and combination motif: the Egger Capsule Concept.

“We use the capsule concept for the presentation of decors and thus provide recommendations for a wide range of applications, trend themes and combination options,” explained Mr Monhoff.

“These award-winning capsules, provide a high degree of design freedom and flexibility and feature in the swatch and collection launch campaign.”

With the Decorative Collection 24+, Egger says it is leading the way towards an environmentally sustainable future. Internationally, the publicised commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050 is complemented by the UK market’s pledge to plant a tree for every registration of the new Decorative Collection 24+ swatch.

The Holz-Handwerk exhibition in Nuremberg was due to be a major platform to launch the collection from March 19-22. As one of over 300 exhibitors, Egger had booked a 120m2 stand in Hall 12.

The focus at the trade fair stand is on inspiring new products, highlighting decors, sustainable and healthy living products and a variety of digital services.

A new addition to the brand’s synchronised pore surfaces range includes ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain which picks up on the trend of elegant, understated, matt woodgrains, but brings with it a noticeably deep haptic and authentic look. Thanks to its matt-on-matt finish, it is close to the style of a matt-oiled veneer in terms of look and feel.

“After presenting the new Decorative 24+ collection to Egger partners worldwide throughout the fall and winter, we are now looking forward to giving a broad audience further insights into our innovations at the trade fair,” said Michael- Bernd Wehmeyer, Egger division manager sales and marketing.

“The topics of inspiration and decor design as well as sustainability will not be neglected in Nuremberg. We value the direct exchange with the specialist audience from trade and crafts, especially since with our new collection we are presenting interior designers with a perfect overall package that supports them in their everyday work – true to the motto ‘time for more’.”

Meanwhile, Egger UK is one of Egger’s local country operations pulling out the stops to promote the new collection to distributors. The Decorative Collection 24+ will be on a UK tour at Egger distributors in March.

Aimee Fletcher, Egger UK’s design and product manager, has selected 158 finishes to be available from the UK stock programme and a fast turnaround to streamline project delivery.

This UK stock programme includes 102 new decors and six new textures. Among those are 25 developments in matt surface technology, including awardwinning PerfectSense Lacquered Chipboard in solid colour and woodgrain reproductions.

Other new arrivals include 19 innovative material finishes that offer opulent surfaces in natural stones and luxurious metallics.

A consolidated range of 50 door size laminate finishes, nine coloured core laminate options, 39 worktop reproductions across two thicknesses and three formats, 12 accent edgings and a matching edging for every finish, completes Egger UK’s expansive stock offer.

“The launch of our new collection is a pivotal moment for the furniture and interior design industry,” said Ms Fletcher.

“We are providing our customers with the products and finishes they need to create stunning, yet sustainable furniture and interior design over the next few years.”

The Collection swatch links to www.egger. com, the Decorative Collection app and the Virtual Design Studio. Decor data provides the information required for customer meetings and project work. Existing services have expanded, such as PIM data and the automated order and data exchange in the myEGGER login area.