Perched high on a mountain at over 3,000m, The Schwarzensteinhütte is an engineering marvel.

Resplendent in a copper exterior and wood interior, the construction of the six-storey hiker and mountaineer centre in the Zillertal Alps is a welcome retreat for those taking on the challenge of the alpine peaks.

A prefabricated engineered timber structure forms the mainstay of the 18m high building, with OSB taking a starring role.

Swiss Krono supplied 1,850m2 of its OSB4 18/22mm thick product for the project – 1,050m2 for external walls (on both interior and exterior of wall panels), 650m2 for winter housing and 150m2 for roof upstands and interior areas.

The building also includes 21m3 of solid structural timber for the timber frame outer wall, 311m2 of cross-laminated timber (CLT) interior walls (100-140mm) and 473m2 of CLT solid wood ceilings (140-180 mm).

Weather and logistics were a major challenge for the project.

Timber construction’s speed of build proved a major help, and slim wall and ceiling elements were easier to transport.

A temporary cable car for the building material was built in order to be more flexible and less dependent on the extreme weather.

The building, which replaced an older property no longer safe, comprises a lounge, kitchen, laundry and bedrooms for 50 guests. living room, drying rooms, showers, toilets and storage rooms.

Photovoltaic panels provide electricity and glacier meltwater is collected for water.