Belgium-based Decospan is a European giant in terms of wood-based surfaces, with nine production sites, 900 employees and producing about 15,000 panels per day.

Its products include veneers, veneered panels, wooden floors, panelling systems, acoustic products, wall and ceiling panels and furniture components. Well-known brands include Querkus, Shinnoki and Cabbani, while for more complex projects a tailor-made solution can be supplied.

In short, Decospan supplies solutions with wood for interior fitting.

Now, near the start of 2022 and hot off the press, literally, is a new range of veneered panels which focuses on design, uniformity and availability.

The new Infinite Wood range is designed with an eye on the future as Decospan seeks to spot upcoming trends and continuously focus on innovation.

The new category on offer represents a collaboration with Italy-based Alpi, a global player in reconstructed veneer, and combines their creativity with Decospan’s craft and innovation.

Such composite veneers are the result of a fascinating process in which the wood is enriched through a number of ingenious technologies.

First, veneers are rotary cut from logs, before dyeing to add colour. Then dyed strips are mixed to produce the desired wood species or design, before gluing after stacking as a block. This veneer block is then placed in a press and then sawn to create a rectangular ‘log’, followed by sanding and finally cutting into 0.6mm veneer.

Decospan says Infinite Wood is a veneer that “transcends the inherent limitations of wood”. All references are FSC-certified and are designed to “bring unprecedented perfection in drawing and colour and can be scaled infinitely for very large projects”.

The Infinite Wood range consists of 17 designs, covering Oaks, Nordics (birch and pine designs) and ‘Exotics’ – which includes wenge, teak, rosewood, ebony and zebrano designs.

“The starting point is always the same: to preserve the beauty of wood and make it endlessly reproducible thanks to Alpi technology,” Decospan states.

“In this way we succeed in perfecting both classic and exotic woods and offering them in large, uniform volumes at a competitive price level. This makes Infinite Wood the perfect choice for projects in the high-end residential, hospitality or office market.”

The range is available in different product types, with the most common being veneered sheets (on MDF, chipboard, plywood, blockboard), but loose sheets are also possible (Decoply, Decoflex or Decolam).

In order to be able to finish every project qualitatively, Decospan provides matching edge bands. It also produces ready-to-use boards and veneer laminates, which have already been industrially varnished.

The launch event with international guests could not be held physically due to Covid-19, but the message about Infinite Wood is being communicated with specific smaller focus groups who are discovering the new range in Decospan’s own virtual reality experience during a factory visit.

“Decospan is committed to technology and the link between virtual reality and Infinite Wood is obvious: both are capable of creating an endlessness,” it said.

Specifiers and interior specialists can order sample packages via the Decospan webshop, accessible on the company’s website.

One specifier who has already been won over by Infinite Wood is civil engineer and architect Elise Kerckhof, the manager of the design bureau Twee Twaalf.

Twee Twaalf carried out projects from carcass to completion, from private homes to public buildings.

“We always look for qualitative and economical solutions, as well as for refined and original concepts,” said Ms Kerckhof.

“Each project is given its own identity. We want to combine captivating, architectural façades with practical and atmospheric interiors.”

The practice almost always uses wood for those interiors.

“It’s a versatile material that offers the warmth we are looking for,” said Ms Kerckhof.

“When Decospan showed us Infinite Wood, we were wildly enthusiastic. This collection opens completely new doors. Its aesthetics are good; there is a very recognisable wood pattern and a balanced colour palette.

“The collection helps us give our projects the desired atmosphere. This is possible because all the individual components are coherent in terms of look and feel without compromising on character. The most innovative aspect for us, however, is that this material is infinitely available, without harming nature.”