Orders increased 11.3% compared to the same period in 2013, orders from foreign countries were up by 11.8% while demand in the domestic market rose by 9%.

These figures are some way behind the jump in orders experienced in the Q2, 2014 – 28.7% up on the same period of 2013. However, the report adds that the mood among the sector is still dominated by uncertainty, partly because of the variable fortunes of different countries and regions.

Meanwhile, another Acimall survey ranking exporters of woodworking technology according to value shows Italy in second place.

Germany tops the chart, with €788.6m of exports between January and June 2014, ahead of Italy with €548.9m. China is third (with
€376.8m), Taiwan fourth (€252.2m), Austria fifth (€193.5m) and the US sixth (€136.4m).