Wood pellet exports from North America to Europe find its peak

24 October 2014

Wood pellet shipments from the US and Canada to Europe have gone in opposite directions in 2014, with the shipments from the US South being up 10% from Q4, 2013 to Q2, 2014, and Canadian volumes declining 25% during the same period, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review.

The new expanding markets for pellet producers in Western Canada have instead been Japan and South Korea.

Total shipments of wood pellets from North America to Europe stabilized in 2014 after almost four years of continuous increases.

During the first two quarters of 2014, exportation from Canada and the US were just over 1.3 million tons in each of the two quarters.
This was down from the all-time-high of almost 1.4 million tons in the Q4, 2013.