Work on a new facility in Newtown Powys has started and first production is expected early next year.

Natural insulation is one of the fastest growing market sectors in Europe, with wood fibre’s benefits including ease of use, thermal mass, breathability and appeal to increasingly CO2 conscious housebuilders and consumers.

“As a company, we are always seeking new and innovative products that fit in our vision of ‘products in every home’,” said Jonathan Grant, group chief executive of W Howard. 

“The demand for natural building materials is only going to increase and the addition of a recycled wood fibre insulation is an exciting addition to our product portfolio.”

The latest information from FAOSTAT indicates that over 110 million m3 of MDF was produced around the world in 2021. 

Significant volumes of waste are generated as new MDF boards are converted into products such as furniture and shop fittings with more material entering the waste stream at the end of its first user life. 

W Howard will now also be able to recover their waste products as well as offering its customers a closed loop supply chain so they can return end of life products for conversion back into to wood fibre for insulation.

“W Howard’s commitment and investment in the first production plant using our technology is a significant step forward for MDF Recovery” adds Craig Bartlett, the company’s CEO. 

“The market, governments and consumers are all keen to encourage re-use of materials and the circular economy. We look forward to seeing W Howard’s loose fill insulation product meeting the needs of house builders and the construction industry across the UK and Ireland.”

The deal with W Howard comes soon after the announcement of a global partnership with PAL, part of the Italian multi-national equipment manufacturer IMAL PAL Group, for the use of MDF Recovery’s technology in MDF manufacturing and a successful £1.7m fund-raising.