Vits, manufacturer of impregnation lines, is celebrating its 80th birthday in 2008.
Vits delivers impregnation and lacquering plants for decorative, overlay and Kraft papers:
• for direct lamination of
particleboard and MDF
• for flooring products
• for production of finish foils
• for production of HPL/CPL
• for shuttering films
Vits says it is the only supplier with its own laboratory facilities where new products or raw materials can be tested. It says customised consulting and R&D support helps customers to successfully develop new machine concepts.
One of these is the Vits ARP (Abrasive Resistant Paper) Coater which will be presented at IWF.
Also the Vits Highline – the only impregnation line of its type in the world which, it says, with genuine line speeds of up to 100m/minute and with an intelligent production control system – is opening up a new era in the future of melamine surfacing, says the company.
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