Fagus-GreCon said the move thereby reinforces its role as a technological leader in fire prevention. 

The company said its innovative optical detector is a key prerequisite for further strengthening the interconnection of fire prevention, production reliability and quality assurance.  

Fagus-GreCon says the with patented optical detector system, spark detectors are becoming even more reliable, as they can now be customised to the requirements at the installation site with more precision than ever before.  

“This is made possible by multi-sensor technology which has been integrated in the optical detector to capture signals from the infrared radiation spectrum,” it said.

GreCon IDT, Fagus-GreCon’s intelligent detector technology, processes the signals generated in this way and causes the desired reaction within a matter of milliseconds

It is designed to both detect ignition sources and reduce unwanted false alarms.

The detector is able to differentiate between dangerous ignition sources and influences from extraneous light.

The patented optical detector system and IDT made their debut in the intelligent GreCon DLD 1/9 spark detector.