The total number of lost time accidents in all UPM sites globally decreased from over 550 in 2011 to 200 in 2013.

Occupational safety has improved significantly in all UPM business areas. Twelve production facilities have not had any lost time accidents in over a year.

The results are due to the company-wide "Step Change in Safety 2012-2014" initiative that called on all UPM employees to improve workplace safety.

"All businesses have performed very well. A good example of a very significant improvement is the Pellos 3 plywood mill in Mikkeli, Finland," says Kaisa Lehtipuro, director of occupational health and safety at UPM.

"In two years they succeeded in decreasing the number of work-related lost time accidents to less than one-tenth of the previous amount. That is an excellent result for a mechanical forest industry facility," said Mr Lehtipuro