The UK is due for a major increase in the use of wood fuel, according to Guy Bewick of agent PLS UK.

Addressing the London Softwood Club recently on possible softwood demand and supply trends over the next five years, Mr Bewick said that the biofuel business was set to exert an increasing influence on the wood market.

In fact leading plcs, notably power generators and retail conglomerates, plus public bodies such as local authorities, were already spearheading a drive to wood to fuel heat and power plants. And he added, his own company was increasingly involved in sourcing this product.

“One of my customers has an agreement to supply wood pellets as fuel to one of the leading (retail) chains for 100 stores,he said. They consume 40 tonnes per month each, a total of 7,000m3.

He said he had also been contacted by contractor Costain which was tendering to convert 1,600 London schools from oil and gas to wood fuel heating. They would require a total of 30,000m3 of pellets per month.