TTF gets tough over non compliant ‘marine’ plywood

3 January 2013

UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is giving plywood member companies six months to ensure marine plywood complies with standards or they will face disciplinary action.

TTF chief executive John White has written to members warning that any product sold as marine plywood after June 30, 2013 which does not comply with BS1088:2003 will be considered a prima facie breach of the TTF's National Panel Product Division's (NPPD) Code of Practice.

Disciplinary proceedings would automatically be invoked.

To enforce the measure, the TTF will recommend at its forthcoming AGM that future claims of compliance with BS1088:2003 will have to be supported by independent third part quality assurance specifically designed to demonstrate compliance with this standard.

The TTF had written to members earlier in 2012 to highlight the need for marine plywood to meet the standard, in response to the increasing prevalence of marine plywood on the market.

But TTF checks over recent weeks revealed a number of products that still did not comply.

Mr white said a subsequent meeting of the NPPD agreed that it was "not acceptable" to sell a product which purported to be something which it is not.