Siempelkamp this past summer received a new order from Thailand’s Rayong PB for a partial MDF plant that will make use of rubberwood for production destined for both domestic and export markets.

The line, including a forming and press line with an 8ft x 38.7m ContiRoll press, will be set up in Klaeng in Eastern Central Thailand starting in August 2011, with MDF production expected to begin in early 2012.

Siempelkamp’s Belgian subsidiary Sicoplan will carry out the planning of the plant, which also includes a fibre dryer by Büttner, a fibre screen, a blending system, a cooling and stacking as well as a sanding line, and an offline book saw.

After the plant reaches its full capacity of 700m³/day, Rayong expects to sell the product domestically and also export to China, India, and Malaysia.

Customers from China, Thailand and Vietnam have ordered a total of eight plants, including ContiRoll presses, in 2010, said Siempelkamp.