Metro President Chatchai Piyasombatkul and Christoph Michel, CEO Siempelkamp Group, agreed the replacement of a Küsters forming and press line by a new Siempelkamp forming and press line for MDF with an 8ft wide ContiRoll Generation 9.

The press will be equipped with a thin- and lightboard package. At 2,000mm/s, the press is designed for thin boards produced at high speed.

Siempelkamp said the retrofit option for its Siempelkamp Compactor protects the steel belts in the press and enabled plant operators to achieve significant increases in capacity and quality, especially for the production of thin MDF boards.

Metro placed its first order with Siempelkamp in 2002, while in 2009 agreed the supply for its first complete Siempelkamp particleboard plant, which produces particleboard at the Nonthaburi site near Bangkok.

"We are proud to set a new, important milestone in the cooperation between Metro and Siempelkamp with this order – and to demonstrate once again with our established press concept on which level we are able to support our customers", said Mr Michel.